Antosh Wojcik | Brexit

Antosh is a spoken word poet. He has been watching your videos and reading your poems about the EU referendum. He has been so impressed with your clarity and the different ways you have used storytelling techniques such as playing with rhythm, rhyme, imagery and persuasive language. It’s given him a lot to think about!

Dear Burnet News Club members,

I hope this letter finds you well. Thank you for writing into the world with your hearts and for being fearless. Writing is hard, especially when you are writing about something so important to all of us all. I’m inspired by your courage and I’m writing back to you to tell you what I think about the ideas you have put forward.

I will vote, I promise. I have made sure everything on the day of voting is clear, so I can walk to the people that will take my paper printed decision. I will do this with my family and my friends and I will wave at all of the different faces who are doing the same thing to make a difference. I will do this and think of you, for when you are old enough to be doing the same thing.

It makes me beam with happiness that you know the importance of showing up to vote, that you can express your passion for staying in the EU. I’m always scared that no one will come forward and bring a voice to wanting to stay in the EU and I am so pleased so many of you have done that in the Burnet News Club.

I don’t want us to leave. I don’t like the idea of cutting off the bridges to other languages and cultures so close to us in Britain, especially when we have so much to learn about the world and when we can help fix the world together.

I want us to stay in the EU because if we left, my connections to important people in my life could become distant. I don’t like the idea that it could mean being further away from my Polish family, or that for my French friends could find it difficult to live here, or that my German friends might have to go through extreme border checks to visit. I feel connected to these people. I play their music and sing in their languages. I learn about their funny sayings that we don’t have the words for here.


To the club members encouraging us to leave, I understand the national pride we might feel. I understand that we can support ourselves and that we do not need to talk to other countries to make decisions. But framing this as a strength, I feel, does not call on the responsibility we have to the countries around us to support them just as they have supported us in our times of fear.

If we stay together, we have a greater chance of achieving peace because by being in a union we would already believe in a unity. Being in a union means agreeing to accept each other and do our best to remain understanding, trading our food, music, language and culture with theirs. All these things make us more connected.Print

Why does money always have to be the reason to go?! I think we should focus on the important things, such as helping those who are in danger, on refugees, on climate change. I think we should show everyone that it’s better to work together to make the world a safer, more accepting place. We’re a little island but we can stand to make a big change in the world if we remain together.

Thank you Burnet News Club for all you have taught me. I’m ready to vote and know for certain what my decision is. Please continue to spread your voices and question each other, it’s the best way to learn about what you truly feel on these issues.

Yours faithfully,
Antosh Wojcik

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