Can we really trust anything?

A few weeks ago a picture surfaced on the internet of Jay Z and Barry Chuckle sitting next to each other at a boxing match (Joshua VS Klitschko) which quickly went viral , shocking fans. But after a quick look through google images, it was found that this story was actually FAKE!  It turns out that Jay Z was in fact sitting next to middleweight boxer Andre Ward and Barry Chuckle’s head was photoshopped onto Andre Ward’s body creating, at first glance, a very believable image.

Well, it must of been believable as this image went viral and travelled around the internet. It kept getting shared, even credible sites shared it, creating a meltdown between fans with these two people, who are complete opposites, watching a boxing match together. This just shows how quickly ‘news’ can travel with all the technology that we are lucky to have nowadays and how easy it is to photoshop images to make things seem real. This was obviously an unlikely story and so it was only a matter of time until this image was exposed for what it is-a load of lies. However it should make everyone aware that however many people have seen it or who has seen it, especially if something seems out of the ordinary ( like Jay Z and Barry Chuckles sitting next to each other )  that they should question it. however, just because something is strange we shouldn’t immediately dismiss it as fake because sometimes strange things do happen, instead we should just research further and  question what is real and what is not.

Blue snowleopard


  1. Hi Blue snowleopard,

    I had to google that picture after reading about it!

    Some people might think that Photoshop like this isn’t hurting anyone. Is an example like this, which is to make people laugh, as bad as fake news that could affect how people vote in an election?

  2. Hanwell Fields Community School Hanwell Fields Community School

    Hey Blue Snowleopard
    When we first saw it we thought it was real we had to check

    Agent H Warrior and Blue Warrior 10

  3. Faringdon Community College Faringdon Community College

    Thanks Agent H Warrior and Blue warrior, I also only found this out when I was going to make a post but i decided to include this picture because I wanted to show that it was not just words that could affect people and how anything, a video, a picture or a blog (on youtube or a similar website) could have the possibility of affecting people’s opinions and being considered fake news.

    Blue snowleopard

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