What changes need to be made to the NHS?


My opinion about the NHS is that the nurses and doctors stay in the hospitals working hard but we could support them better to ensure patients do not wait as long for operations and other treatments.


In Germany, people pay about 7% of their wages into a healthcare system and their employer pays the same amount.  It means people end up getting treated much quicker.  The BBC reported that patients in Germany sometimes wait just days for operations, compared to months in this country.  The German government also pays 10% of its GDP towards healthcare, compared to just 7% in this country.


Even though the NHS sees 1,000,000 people every 36 hours, according to the NHS confederation, Germany’s service is more efficient because they have more nurses and doctors and people are dealt with more quickly. For example when winter is going to come more people will get sick and it will take longer and longer to see them all. Therefore, we should recruit more nurses and doctors, which we could pay for by adopting a similar system to Germany and getting the government to invest more of the country’s money.



Another way to help the NHS without losing money is by getting more volunteers helping in the hospitals; like the ones who help in the cafeterias. You could even get students that are preparing to be nurses and doctors and give them the little parts that they can already do. That’s a way doctors and nurses will be able to train at the same time as helping the NHS.  Volunteering within the NHS should also be compulsory for those who cannot contribute financially, for example those who are unemployed or who are studying.  By volunteering they will be making a different kind of contribution and will also be gaining skills that they can use when applying for jobs.


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