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Have you ever read reports that are fake and never realised that? Well if you can’t then here is 3 things that you can spot if news is fake or not.

Finding out the clues

The 1st clue of finding out weather a report is fake or not is that at the end if the report ends with “.com.co” then that is the first clue that the report Is going be fake. The 2nd thing to spot if news is fake is Wikipedia. Wikipedia is fake because when you make an account on Wikipedia you are allowed to change the words of the person who first wrote the information. The 3rd thing on how to spot fake news is fake images.  when you look at an image make sure you look at the image carefully you never know the image could be fake.


If you see news like this you must report the news so that persons fake news can stop and maybe  you could create your own blog and spread non fake news instead of fake news. Make sure you make your environment happy with so much truth full news you will make the internet so much more easier.

By Bloom 22

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