How does fake news affect democracy?

‘ Fake news doesn’t  just affect the media it affects polling and that’s our main issue’

Fake news is like a cold. It spreads and people are affected their decisions, thoughts and daily lives. A famous quote stating ‘ Don’t believe everything you read on the internet just because there is a quote or picture next to it’. This quote is completely true, you might be wondering shall I trust this person behind my screen? But I can ensure you , you can. Whatever you see on the internet, doesn’t necessary mean it is a fact. It just means that is opinion or fake news. This can change polling decisions which can affect the leader of our country. Two reasons why the economy and structure of what we call an ‘independent, strong and healthy country’ can change is of two very similar reasons; exaggeration and fake news. How can you tell if the media is fake news or facts? This can cause everyone to not trust the internet which can lead to people not taking part in polls or making the wrong decision as they are not being truthful to the public. Another quote to back up my point is ‘ I freed a thousand slaves. I could of freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves’.this was made by Harriet Tubmen. I am sure everyone can agree why fake news is affecting votes however the real question is how?



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