To fake or not to fake?

I think that fake news has two levels. It is sensationalizing things which unfortunately people enjoy reading. As the public, we prefer to read stories that demean people, make us laugh (at their expense) and make us feel better about our own lives, rather than stories that will inspire and have a sense of pride in the communities we exist in. I find this really sad. Surely it would be much nicer to read about what is good in the world rather than what is bad. Newspapers and social media only over sensationalise and dramatise issues as it sells. If we change, they will change too.

Perky Penguin


  1. Hi Perky Penguin,

    What kinds of things do you think the public should do in order to reverse the trend of over-dramatic news reporting?

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  2. Charles Read Academy Charles Read Academy

    Well maybe if we didnt all by the newspapers that in particular have lots of sensational news stories this would help to reverse the trend. They only print it because we want to see it. Also maybe we could start a campaign for positive news only one day where all that is printed is positive and make the tabloids search for the positive as it is out there.
    What do you think?

    Perky Penguin

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