If you stop for a minute and think about everything in life you get for free: life, health care, state education, healthcare, some art galleries, healthcare, your right to vote and healthcare. I think you get the gist; one of the major things that we get free in this country is healthcare. However in the world there are only 58 countries with free universal healthcare, Great Britain being one of them. If this is one of the few things that we get free in this life then why are we letting it bleed to death? Why are we letting the government make severe cuts? That could not only endanger this 69 year old establishment to the point of destruction but also to the point were we are putting the health and welfare of our community in the firing line.


If you think about this logically then the NHS isn’t free it is “ funded by the people for the people”. That it is the taxes that we put in, in the expectation that we will receive something in return: free healthcare.


Part of the problem we all face is that very often we don’t really know what we want. If something is put right under our noses then we will go for it. If there is a deal then we buy, but we also have come to expect more of the product. This is the same for the NHS we have come to expect the highest service rates with more doctors and shorter waiting times.


But this sparkling vision of perfection is far from reality. In truth, the average waiting time to receive a GP appointment can take up to two weeks, a 30% increase from last years ten days. Although there has only been a 3% drop in applications to be a doctor in the past year, numbers are still too low and this is down to the fact that the government’s deep cuts to the NHS means that this once most envied of health services can no longer take in any more doctors.


I implore you to understand the threats. The threats that our NHS is being put under. The systems that support the NHS are repeatedly strained and if we continue to stand idly by and let these inhuman even abusive attacks at the NHS to continue then there will soon be 57 countries worldwide with a free universal healthcare.


By ToBeFrank

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