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So far this term BNC members have given some great advice about how to spot fake news online. We’ve really enjoyed reading your own examples of fake or false news. BNC members also seem to really get what democracy is and how fake news is bad for it! There have been some fantastic keyword pictures uploaded.


First. I want to show scepticism by pointing out that some of you are exaggerating the impact of fake news or making claims that do not have evidence to prove them. Remember, if you over-exaggerate the facts then this could be seen as false news (which Amol Rajan explains in his post).

For example, I’ve read a few comments and posts that said things like ‘Everyone voted for Hilary Clinton when…’or ‘Everyone believed that…’. Can you really say that EVERYONE did something? This is an exaggeration. It would be better to be specific and give examples.

Secondly, some BNC members are saying that fake news is the same as false news. This is not the case. False news or ‘alternative facts’ are usually not completely made up stories. Journalists might write about real events but add in their opinions or say some things that aren’t entirely true. This is not fake news. Fake news is an entirely made up news story and it is made up on purpose.


I want you to focus on two things in your posts and comments for the next few weeks:

1)      What solutions are already being explored and what ideas can you come up with to tackle fake news? Have a look at what Amol Rajan and Joan Hoey say is already being done about fake news as a starting point. Try to be as creative as possible.

2)      Challenge exaggeration or errors of facts in other BNC member’s posts and comments. Don’t just point out errors, but show how they could be re-written correctly with more evidence. Remember to be respectful. Congratulate BNC members when they are giving good reasons and examples.

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  1. Ravenscroft Primary School Ravenscroft Primary School

    Facts matter because one wrong fact could unleash W.W.3 or could put a country into civil war between its self.
    Look, have you ever heard of a country called ‘North Korea’ well if you didn’t they have a ‘leader’ Kim –Jon- Un who will bomb your country with bombs and nuclear missiles because of one little article. It’s already happening between America and North Korea after an argument between Trump and Kim which has lead Kim to vow to continue his nuclear missile tests which could cause huge problems for the world because a war could break out and the rest of the world will come in and help and then more country’s will be dragged in and the war will continue for years! Do you want your country to be in danger just because of an article that somebody posted online which is fake?
    A Country could be put into civil war just because of an article on the web. An article about Theresa May could put England in a civil war that would put normal people and high rank people against each other.
    Thank you for reading my comment about fake news and facts. What do you think?
    Dark Raven#1

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