Save the NHS!  Junior Doctor Contracts  

I want to convince you how terrible the new doctor contracts are and why the future of the NHS is not bright.

Who are junior doctors?

Junior doctors are doctors in training no matter how old they are.

What does the new contract say? Why is it a problem for the NHS?

To get more votes and win the election, David Cameron said that junior doctors would work for 7 instead of 5 days but this caused conflict. The doctors protested and said that they didn’t want to work this much and it is taking up their lives. Furthermore, they said they already worked 7 days a week, 24 hours a week.  The government are promising an 11% pay rise, no pay cuts, and paying for training. However the doctor are more concerned about time not money. Some people have kids to look after and no one to look after them on the weekends or school holidays. Some doctors live far away from their work hospital and may take a long time to get to work. This costs a lot of money in total. Because of these problems, the doctors went on strike for 5 days; 12th of Jan, 10th Feb, 9th Mar, and 26/27 of March 2016.

The government’s response was strange and not accepted by the doctors. Doctors are paid for Saturday which is a good thing. The weird thing is that they cut the contract for how many hours are called ‘unsocial hours’. This means that if a doctor worked on Saturday at 8am, they’d get the same as 8am Monday to Friday. Actually, the Saturday hours aren’t social and doctors say they should be paid for this. This has meant there has been a cut to pay by 30% for A and E, surgeons and doctors for children. Also these hours are far too many for doctors AND patients to remain safe, especially when they are sick. This was too much for doctors and they have started to leave, not just doctors but other NHS works too. The government hasn’t listened yet to the angry doctors responses. Thankfully Wales and Scotland haven’t agreed to this outrageous contract. Hopefully we can save our NHS!

– InterReporter HA

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