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The storytelling competition was judged by Clare Foges, who used to write speeches for David Cameron when he was Prime Minister. She is now a journalist at The Times. Clare really enjoyed judging the competition and wrote this message:

It was SO difficult to choose, what amazingly talented storytellers you are! I was so impressed by the knowledge you had and you all conveyed it in a really entertaining way. All the ones I watched were fantastic in their own way – I was so impressed! You should all keep telling stories because you’re really good at it! 

I wish you could all be winners but I have to choose so…

I felt like I was watching a TV drama! A really engaging way of presenting some difficult information about the NHS. I loved the way everyone had a part to play and they told the story through a narrative. It was especially clever to weave some statistics in there and to show not just tell the winter crisis in the NHS. Great performances from all the girls involved!

Good stories normally have a good structure – beginning, middle and end – and this one certainly has that. The way they spun around to move from the past to the present and the future was a simple but charming device. They had a lot of energy and managed to cram a load of facts in there. Good knowledge on the different opinions of Jeremy Hunt and Jon Ashworth too!

THE WINNER: Goldrhino from Farringdon Community College

Though this was the most straightforward in terms of just talking to the camera, I found myself gripped by the way the speaker spoke through some really interesting ideas. It is a real skill to keep talking like that in a fluent way! Good variety in the way he spoke and great hand movements. The substance and style are great. I see great things for this young man!

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    Well done you really have good staticetices.

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