Health care: The future of the NHS | Issue Highlights & Thought Leader

The Thought Leaders of this issue were St Peter's Primary School.

Well done to St Peter's, who have contributed thoughtfully throughout the issue. Although they were not the school who posted the most, their contributions were always thoughtful and of a high quality. They've been really good at starting discussions and asking questions that get other club members thinking. Well done, St Peter's Primary School!

We were also really impressed by...

ME_ISA_Goodblogger, SH, Nafs_ThatBlogger and DK at Arnhem Wharf asked a brilliant question in this post that got a lot of you talking. It also stirred up our expert contributors. Check out their post to see the question and their brilliant poster about the problems in the NHS.

We loved this question from Rich154 at Grace Academy Coventry because it used a lot of the BNC skills. They asked questions, to show storytelling, gave a reason for their opinion, which shows logic, and were curious and sceptical enough to think of a solution to the NHS' problems.

BNC Skills...

These were the best examples of the BNC skills this issue. We were really impressed with how much you all challenged each other and developed your thinking throughout this issue, well done!

Lodge Park Academy

Ravenscroft Primary School

Napier Primary Academy

Cardwell Primary School

Colegrave Primary School

Storytelling competition...

We had so many amazing entries to the storytelling competition, so thank you! The competition was judged by Clare Foges and you can see the results of the competition here... 

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