SYRIA: How do you think Britain should be involved? | Issue Highlights & Thought Leader

The Thought Leaders of this issue were .

Well done to St Mary's and St John's, who really helped develop the discussion on the Hub this issue. They showed great use of the BNC skills, in particular curiosity and logic. A special mention should go to Delta, whose contributions were outstanding and showed real curiosity and scepticism about the issue. Have a look at some of St Mary's and St John's contributions:

We were also really impressed by...

This comment by WordyWriter202 from William Patten Primary School. This showed excellent storytelling skills but also really advanced scepticism and logic. The comment is beautifully written and makes the reader think. Well done!

This post by An Inspired Vision at Barnhill Community High School. An Inspired Vision completely blew us away with this letter to Theresa May. It incorporated all the BNC skills and used creative language to keep the letter engaging. Well done!

BNC Skills...

These were the best examples of the BNC skills this issue. Well done to everyone who contributed, this was a tricky issue and you all wowed us with how much you learnt about Syria and thought about the solutions. 


We also had some great videos uploaded to the Hub this issue from Napier Community Primary School and  Elaine Primary Academy!

Watch more of their videos here


  1. Villiers High School Villiers High School

    I think BRITAIN should be involved by talking to the president of how to stop the war. BRITAIN can remove PRESIDENT ASSAD and put someone else in charge of being a good president and maybe the war could stop. They could send powerful weapons to the army so they could destroy the war. They could send some BRITISH armies who are strong where they could even end the war. They could send aid to the people and recover them. They could support the rebels who are protesting. They could even ask the other countries for help or they can stop RUSSIA from supporting SYRIA which is making it more worse for the war. They can discuss this in the parliment and help them.

    Some people might disagree this because they think if we get involved then BRITAIN might get destroyed and become worse then SYRIA. They think if we send some people from BRITAIN to help the people in SYRIA then they can die due to the war. If we send some weapons then the terrorists can take hand over those powerful weapons and kill more people with it. If we stop RUSSIA from supporting SYRIA then RUSSIA might attack us with its powerful weapons such as missiles and no fly- zone. If we support the rebels protesting against SYRIA then the war might become worst and other countries might be destroyed and BRITAIN would be in loss. If we get involved with the other countries then the full world will spread of terrorism.

    I agree because i think we should try doing something to save our world our country and our people. Every person has their own freedom and their own rights. Every person has the right to live. If we don’t start getting involved then it will more worse more people will die. We should start being strong and brave and rescue SYRIA and the other countries.


  2. Edward Heneage Primary Academy Edward Heneage Primary Academy

    We shouldn’t get involed because if we do most of the trouble will land on UK because each time theirs war on each land there must be a way to stop this mess what there in i think they should meet up together and they should shake each other hands and say sorry for all the wars we had to make a big mess them the hole thing has stopped but with them they never stop wars they need to remember people in hospitals and need help

    By Rainbow tiger
    Edward Heneage Burnet Member

    • Thanks for your comment, Rainbow tiger!

      We’re discussing the NHS on the Hub now – please find a post from a club member and write them a reply!

  3. Didcot Girls' School Didcot Girls' School

    I think Britain and other countries should not get involved with this war because this is Syria’s problem and to be honest, what Britain is doing is not helping the situation but making it worse. The argument was originally between the government and the rebels so these two groups should work it out. Perhaps other countries could help them do this by organising meeting locations or simply encourage both sides to be less violent towards each other. For example, the rebels could say how specifically they would like the government or the law to change and then organise representatives from the biggest rebel group to speak at wherever country issues are discussed in Syria. If this happens, ISIS can’t cause conflict by spreading gossip. The government, rebels and civilians can therefore work together to remove ISIS from the country. If this happend, less people will die and possibly the war will end entirely.

    However, this may take a long time to do and by then the conflict may have escalated into other countries that are in involved. For example, Britain may get into a disagreement with one of the countries supporting President Assad and if it is a particulary large country like Russia, Britain may be caught up in a war of their own and be taken over.