The Issue

The Issue

Each half term Burnet News Club members discuss a new issue in the news. Clubs all over the UK explore the same issues at the same time, sharing their views in sessions at school and here on the online Hub. On this page club members can see all the news content and resources that we provide to support their discussions on each issue.

'The Issue' is a package of news content for young people prepared with journalists at The Economist. It is only available to Burnet News Club members. If you are interested in joining the club, please email You can see a sample of the current issue here, and all issues from past school years are available in full, free of charge, here.

Current issue
Fake News and Democracy

Everyone is talking about ‘fake news’ at the moment, after it became such a big thing during the American election. People accuse it of changing the election results and of deceiving the public.

In this issue, we’re going to be looking at why fake news is such a big deal and how it could affect us.

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