SPECIAL ISSUE | The 2017 General Election

The 2017 General Election

A free special issue created for the 2017 UK General Election - available to everyone.


Theresa May, the prime minister, has surprised the country by announcing that a general election will be held on June 8th. Everybody was taken aback because since becoming prime minister last June, Mrs May had promised repeatedly that she would not hold an early election. Mrs May’s government has also only been in power for almost two years; the law says that governments are meant to stay in place for five years between elections.

Mrs May says that she is holding an election so her government can be in a strong position to negotiate the terms of Britain’s exit from the European Union, known as “Brexit”. However, her party, the Conservative Party, looks likely to strengthen its position in Parliament, so she might have also been swayed by that fact. She knows that at the moment her party has a good chance of winning, and the same might not be true in future, so calling the election now may increase the likelihood of her securing a big majority.

About this issue

This is a mini scheme of work for KS2 and KS3 students about the 2017 General Election. Over the three sessions, your students will learn what a general election is, who the main political parties are and decide who they would vote for.

Usually, our issues are exclusively for Burnet News Club schools. We believe, however, that the general election is something all young people should be learning about, Burnet News Club members or not.

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Content is accurate as of May 3rd 2017. Please check back over the course of the election as we will update the resources as the political parties release their manifestos.

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