UK General Election called

Theresa May, the UK’s Prime Minister, has called a general election for the 8th of June. This means every British citizen over 18 will be able to vote for which political party they think should be in charge. No one knew the election was going to called; even people in her political party were surprised!

Each party will write the list of things they promise to do if they are voted in. These lists of promises are called manifestos. Once the political parties have written their manifestos, politicians all across the UK will start trying to persuade people to vote for them and their party.

Nobody knew the election was going to be called; Ms May said she wanted an election so that the British population knew who the government will be when Britain comes out of the European Union. The Prime Minister thinks this will make everyone feel more secure.

The three main political parties in the UK are:

Conservatives (who are in government at the moment)


Liberal Democrats


Do you have any questions about the election?

How do you think fake news could affect this election?

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  1. In my opinion May has called this election because at this moment Jeremy corbyn is weak and she believes she will be elected in. This is possibly being done to also to reassure people nationwide that she is and should be prime minster as she wasn’t voted in thought the process of a general election.


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