Wall of honour


Here we showcase the winners of our weekly Curiosity Corner competition, the club named as 'Thought Leader' for each issue, and the annual Burnet News Club Award winners.

Thought Leaders

We name one school club the Thought Leader on each issue. Thought Leaders are well-informed and skillful in their thinking about an issue.

For a school club to be named as Thought Leader, club members must show on the Hub:

  • Knowledge of the issue.
  • Use of the BNC skills.
  • Sound opinions and ideas on the issue.
  • They helped other club members understand and think more deeply about the issue.


Syria: How do you think Britain should be involved? | St Mary's and St John's Primary School
Prisons: Punishment and Rehabilitation | Faringdon Community College
The American Election: Personality v Policies | Elaine Primary Academy
Rio 2016: Sport and Society | Graveney School
Brexit and the EU Referendum | Graveney School
Rights in the Modern World: Privacy, Freedom and Safety | Stroud Green Primary School
Housing and Communities in the UK | North Beckton Primary School

Curiosity Corner 

Great questions are an important ingredient of great discussions, as they get people thinking. Every week we post an exciting stimulus for club members to respond to with a question. The best question is shared here on the Wall of Honour and all our social media platforms.

See the winning questions from our weekly Curiosity Corner competition here.
Club members, you can join this week's Curiosity Corner question competition by clicking here.

The Burnet News Club Award 

At the end of each school year we present one school club with The Burnet News Club Award at a prestigious awards ceremony in London. The award goes to the club that brought the most valuable contributions to the Hub over the year.

Past winners of the Burnet News Club Award:

2015/16: Napier Community Primary School
2014/15: North Beckton Primary School
2013/14: Manorfield Primary School

Outstanding Teacher Award

We want to thank the inspirational teachers who run Burnet News Clubs in their schools. This year we will introduce an ‘Outstanding Teacher Award’. We will present it to one teacher at the end of each school year to formally recognise the work they do in the club.

The award will go to a teacher who showed outstanding commitment to running and developing their club, and whose club made exceptional progress over the year.

Outstanding Student Award

Every year we present ten club members with an Outstanding Student Award at a prestigious ceremony in London.

The awards go to students who demonstrated excellent knowledge of current affairs and made skillful contributions to the Hub over the year.

We look forward to presenting the next Outstanding Student Awards in 2017!

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