What should we do about fake news?


I think we should stop fake news because it is effecting our democracy badly and we need to stop it. In this post I will be telling you about what ideas there are to stop fake news. Firstly, people could try and find fake news themselves by searching for incorrect percentages or maybe false quotes from people like Donald Trump or Theresa May.

Another way of spotting fake news is from checking the date of when the post was released. This is one of the most common mistakes fake news reporters make. Finally another way of finding fake news is by comparing it to other posts like it. This way you can tell which is fake by seeing the most posts which are the same are usually the more likely to be true. Thank you for reading hope you take this advice and use it.


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  1. William Patten Primary School William Patten Primary School

    Hi coolcat101,
    Do you have any more ideas of how to stop it? I’d love to hear them.


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