How will fake news effect democracy, and more importantly, our country?

We all know it: Fake news is bad. But just saying that isn’t going to help, we need to do something about it – but what?

Fake news is made by news companies to make money. We could stop it by reviewing all the posts and articles before putting it on the internet, except the public debates that will follow (and not in our favour) will be immense; after the protests against the Snoopers’ Charter (also known as the Investigatory Powers Act 2017) we know this for certain. Another way to stop it would be to introduce an app available for all devices, and as law, it would have to be on all devices. Check out this website as a prototype, almost, of this possible app.

Fake news will effect democracy massively; at least that’s clear. If the media cannot be trusted, we cannot make good decision on elections. Then, our country will not be able to run properly and this will affect all of us. Then what will happen?


What will happen if we have no media to trust?





  1. Hi Blank_Username,

    It’s great you’re thinking about solutions to deal with fake news. Your reference to the Snooper’s Charter is a really good example of when people have shown that protecting freedom is important to the public.

    I like your idea about everyone having a fact checking app on their phone! How would that work?

  2. Elaine Primary Academy Elaine Primary Academy

    Hi Blank Username, you have made some great points in your post , I also like your rhetorical question at the end to make the reader think . I am also determined to know how would that app work ?


  3. Elaine Primary Academy Elaine Primary Academy

    Also when we do research for school and studying how do we know if the information is accurate or not ?


  4. William Patten Primary School William Patten Primary School

    Hi blank username I was wondering about the app you were talking about. If it was real how successful would the app be?

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