2018: The Year of the Woman – IT’S FOR US BOYS!

What I think about this topic

It’s really important as it teaches the boys and girls of today to learn about stuff that has happened in the past – such as the equality of women. It teaches the young women of today to stand up for themselves and it teaches the young men of today to not go down that path of harassing or overpowering women.

In fact, I’m a thirteen-year-old boy, and it’s only because of this topic that I even learned that 2018 is the year of the woman!

In school, boys get away with more things than girls do. I remember there being two boys in my lessons that messed around a lot, but it took a really, really long time for the teacher to remove them from the classroom, but one girl was removed almost instantly! So boys in school get away with much more misbehaving. We are definitely not treated equally.

Boys are expected to do ‘boyish’ stuff like sports for GCSE’s but me, a boy, doesn’t like sports at all! And I am picked on because of this. Take football for example. The rest of the boys in my class love football and, if I do just one tiny mistake, they treat me like dirt over it! Even though it’s just a game, they treat it like it’s a game of life and death. And if a girl chooses to do football as a sport or GCSE, they get picked on by people for not doing something that falls under the so called “girl category”.

Even teachers aren’t treated equally. Men can walk around their workplace showing off their tattoos but women, like my teacher, have to cover theirs up. My teacher has to wear trousers, long skirts and the lot and cannot wear shorts!

Boys should learn about free equality to women as to stop this sexist cycle that’s constantly going on. And to look at women as equals. And to not whistle as an attractive woman goes by or pinch their bottoms!

Do you think that this is a topic for boys? Please comment below!




  1. Hornsey School for Girls Hornsey School for Girls

    I think men and women should be treated equally because we are all human and this cannot carry on because men doesn’t have the power to rule over anyone just because they are a male. Women should be able to have the same amount of money earned as men too. It isn’t fair that women doesn’t get enough attention of who they are.

    • Ben Jonson Primary School Ben Jonson Primary School

      I think that men and women should be treated equally because in jobs men get payed twice as much as women . I think this is not fair because men and women should be treated the same. This is important because so family’s don’t have a lot of men in there family’s and because that women get payed less money they might not have enough money pay for the rent. People think men get payed more money because men are better at doing jobs.well I disagree because women try there best and work as hard as possible as well as men also try there best.so do you think it’s fair that men get payed more?DO you think it’s fair that women try as hard as they can but still get payed less?Well I DONT think it’s fair!!!so bye for now
      Written by white kitten.

  2. Malcolm Arnold Academy Malcolm Arnold Academy

    Hello RavenTheRauthor,
    I totally agree with you because in the top sets for Maths and Science there are more boys than girls. This is wasting many future careers. No one should judge their future job by their gender. It just isn’t right. There could be a woman out there with a cure for a disease but because she is a woman, no one would listen to her. This has given me a lot to think about.


    • Hi The~Asgardian~Reporter,

      Most school put students into sets based on their tests and how well they are doing in a subject. This suggests that girls are not performing as well as boys in this one example. What might be some reasons for this if we agree that talent is equally shared between girls and boys?

      The barriers video from session 1 might help!

      -Tiff at the Foundation.

      • Malcolm Arnold Academy Malcolm Arnold Academy

        Hey Tiffany,

        I believe that the teachers are focusing on helping the boys more than the girls. This prevents the girls from reaching their true potential. Furthermore, the girls might not want to step out in front of the boys because they think that no one will listen to them – as they are girls.


        • Hi The~Asgardian~Reporter,

          Thanks for replying! It’s great to have conversations where we challenge thinking.

          I’d like to challenge a couple of assumptions you might have made.

          1. Teachers are focusing on helping boys more than girls
          2. Girls might feel no one will listen to them so are unlikely to step out in front

          I was so interested in your post because you shared your own experiences. Perhaps you could talk to teachers and some girls to get their opinion on these above statements. That way you can welcome other points of view and gather evidence for your claims. It’s good to hear from the people we speak on behalf of.

          -Tiff at the Foundation.

        • St Gregory's Catholic Primary School St Gregory's Catholic Primary School


        • Ben Jonson Primary School Ben Jonson Primary School

          I strongly believe that men and women should be treated equally because we are all the same and we all have our rights and freedom. Right now it is still happening because men get paid more than women and sometimes men get more opportunities than women
          By diamond giraffe

  3. Crampton Primary School Crampton Primary School

    we all beald the same blod so we shold be treated equel


  4. Boutcher Primary School Boutcher Primary School

    Men and women should be treated equally. I mean, we’re all human, aren’t we? And by the way, I’m a boy, and I don’t like football. Thankfully, I don’t get picked on. I think that this should be a topic for boys, because it affects boys and girls.


  5. Arnhem Wharf Primary School Arnhem Wharf Primary School

    I agree the year of the woman is not just for women. Men are responsible too because they have caused harassment through history.


  6. High Halstow Primary School High Halstow Primary School

    Hi I am poppy 11 and I think that women should be able to be treated the same as men because men are being payed more than women and there are lots more things that have been going on around the world to do with jobs.

  7. St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

    They should be treated equally because there are not really many differences to male or female.
    men can think that they are more brave, smart and better but that’s not true!! we should all be treated the same even goes the same for boys and girls.
    this is a good topic for BNC to work on rainbow shoot

  8. Crampton Primary School Crampton Primary School

    Red123 I think you have made a mistake; not all of our blood is the same but I agree that we should be treated equally.

  9. Crampton Primary School Crampton Primary School

    Hi Tiffany,
    From my experience I’m not sure that it’s true that boys are helped more than girls. In my class there seems to be an equal amount of clever boys and girls and the girls seem to step out more than the boys.

  10. I think women and men should be treated the same way, because we have the same instincts but different gender
    . sometimes boys are a bit mean about girls in school because we dress to long in PE / physical education .And that sometimes makes us sad and want to be men someday for life to be easier.

    Rainbow unicorn

  11. I think woman should be treated equal because we fought for the right to vote


  12. St Gregory's Catholic Primary School St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

    GIRL GET AWAY WITH EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi St Gregory’s,

      Don’t forget your hub handle! I’m keen to know why you think girls get away with everything. Can you back up your opinion with some evidence? What makes you think this?

  13. St Gregory's Catholic Primary School St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

    1. Teachers are focusing on helping boys more than girls
    2. Girls might feel no one will listen to them so are unlikely to step out in front

    • Hi St Gregory’s,

      It is good to see you challenging other club members on the hub, but you need to back up your opinions with reasons. Why do you think this is untrue? Also, don’t forget to write your hub handle.

  14. St Gregory's Catholic Primary School St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

    I agree that this is also for boys because the boys can learn about how women also have rights and its not just the men. But it is true that the men mostly get their say instead of the girls having an opinion which is heard.

    by unicornburger

  15. Boutcher Primary School Boutcher Primary School

    Boys should be involved in this because they would not want to grow up to be a sexist person and treat women unfairly.

  16. St Gregory's Catholic Primary School St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

    I believe that 2018 year of the woman teaches both genders to be respectful towards each other because sexist behaviour is applicable to both sexes. Men are mistreated due to their gender as well as women are. Allow this year to be the year that we treat each other equally as despite our gender and colour of our skin we are all human and are made up of bones, blood and muscles.

    • What a great comment, Loyalwolf. This shows brilliant storytelling skills as you have made a point that appeals to your audience emotionally. I’d be interested to see you expand your point about men being mistreated due to their gender. This could make a good post.

  17. i think women and men should be payed the same because say if they were doing the same job at the same place, it will be equal but if the men get payed more than women it wouldn’t be equal.


  18. Hello RavenTheRautho,
    Your post was really relatable; for example, in my school, if us girls want to create a particular sports team they have to make a separate one from the boys. Why not merge us together? To add to that, I really liked how you mentioned men cat-calling women- it’s totally unacceptable, what if that was someone’s mother? Overall, your post has inspired me a lot.

  19. Streatham Wells Primary School Streatham Wells Primary School

    I think its definitely also for the boys. If the boys didn’t know about this, how could they help when they are older!

  20. Elaine Primary Academy Elaine Primary Academy

    I think that each one of us should think more before they do something. For example let’s say you went to watch a movie that people say it’s “more for girls”. You see a lot of women there but you are a man and then a women comes up to you and she asks you “Why do you want to watch this movie? You are a boy!” but then you say “It doesn’t say it’s for girls!” and you walk off enjoying the movie. The day after you go to watch a football match and you see a women there and you ask her ” Why are you watching this, shouldn’t you be at home cooking?” then she says ” If I am a girl that doesn’t mean I can’t watch a football match! I am still a human with eyes so I can watch it if I want to!” How would you fell? Have you ever wandered if you are doing in it too? Well next time think twice.


  21. Elaine Primary Academy Elaine Primary Academy

    I think women should be proud of who they are and stand out for their rights, freedom, and respect and be confident with their selves.They should never forget that their not alone in this they could always ask for support from other amazing women that put effort in everything they do to protect their own rights! It would be really unfair if men think that they are better just because they think they are stronger or more powerful at some stuff but don’t forget things like this could happen to men too! Many people say men can’t cry and some people say women should take care of the house and children but none of this is true. We can chose what we want to be or what we want to become, you have power over yourself stop listening to those who don’t even know who they are!


    • Thanks for your comment, Goldenrespect. This shows your passion for gender equality so well done! You’ve mentioned how men are affected by gender inequality. How do you think equality would benefit men?

  22. I think the year of the women’s is unfair because they are leaving men out. Imagine it was the year of the men, girls
    would find it unfair so I really don’t
    know why it has to be the year of the
    women, people need to start telling the

    • Rabbit147

    • Allhallows Primary Academy Allhallows Primary Academy

      I strongly disagree with this. The Year of the Women isn’t anything about leaving men out at all. This is unfair. It’s just saying this was the year women started to speak out, that’s all it represents.

  23. I don’t think 2018 is correctly named Year of The Woman. Why have just one year that women get treated equally? I think should be changed so that it is called something like “2018: The Year of Change for woman” or something like that.


    • Hi PepperamiMan, I think this is an excellent change that reflects the Issue better. Keep it in mind as the Issue progresses, you might find you would like to use it when you get to your final piece! Olivia

  24. Allhallows Primary Academy Allhallows Primary Academy

    well yes it is a topic for everyone and everyone would benefit from it

  25. Allhallows Primary Academy Allhallows Primary Academy

    I aggree that women should gain equality to make it all fair.

    The Battlefront

  26. Allhallows Primary Academy Allhallows Primary Academy

    I think this whole post is amazing. You’ve shown that boys and girls can be equal and do what they want in life, not being affected by their gender. It also shows not all men think women are less than them. Well done.