2017/18 Issues

The Issue is a current affairs content package for young people prepared with journalists at The Economist. Current and previous issues are only available to participating Burnet News Club schools.

Russia and Rights


Russia is in the news at the moment because it has been flexing its muscles. It has been getting involved in other countries’ affairs and there are allegations that Russia interfered with the American election. This causes concern to several countries for many reasons. One of them is that Russia doesn’t grant its people the human rights it promised to. Countries such as the UK worry that if Russian influence spreads more widely, human-rights abuses might become more common.

In this issue, we’ll be learning about how Russia treats human rights and deciding whether we, the UK, should do anything about that.

The resources for this topic featured:

  • An overview of the issue
  • Explanations of the important concepts young people need to make sense of this issue
  • An overview of human rights
  • Information on how human rights are treated in Russia
  • The main arguments on this issue and the prominent people who are making them
  • Detailed optional session plans for teachers, showing how the content could be used in each session
  • Content to support engaging activities and games that promote critical thinking about the issue
  • Writing frames to help club members prepare posts for the Hub.

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