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The Burnet News Club covered this issue in February and March 2018

Burnet News Club Sample Issue – 2018: Year of the Woman

The Burnet News Club is a network of school news clubs. It develops young people's critical thinking skills and literacy through engagement with current affairs.

Each half term, teachers in each school receive a 6-hour scheme of work on a new topical issue. Using the current affairs content, teaching resources and session plans provided, they run a Burnet News Club session for one hour per week. 

After each classroom session, all the students across the UK come together in lively online discussions, and receive feedback from inspiring experts.

This sample scheme of work is about gender equality and whether this is just an issue for women.

This sample scheme of work includes:

  • Multimedia current affairs content for young people
  • Detailed session guides  
  • Unique resources including videos and games
  • Interactive activities to explore different perspectives and support critical thinking skills and literacy
  • Guidance to help students create a final piece of work presenting their opinions

See how young people respond to this scheme of work here 


What’s the issue?

Hundreds of famous entertainers have launched a campaign against the harassment of women. The campaign, called ‘Time’s Up’, is a reminder that women are still sometimes mistreated simply because they are female.

Throughout history, women have almost always been discriminated against. They still are, but things have got much better, especially in rich countries. In 1893, only one country (New Zealand) allowed women to vote. Now, women can vote almost everywhere. They have also made progress in education. Now, most new university graduates across the world are women. Over the past 50 years, lots more women have started getting jobs instead of doing unpaid work at home. But women still do not have full equality.

So, Burnet News Club, is this an issue just for the girls?

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