We strongly believe that eating the products of animals and consuming their produce is not cruel as they contain many vitamins and minerals that are vital for humans.  For example, milk from cows contains lots of calcium and eggs from chickens contain protein.

The cost of being vegan is extremely high due to the transportation of crops being very expensive.  For example, avocados need to be transported from foreign countries and that costs a lot.  If we need more for every single person to eat, then it will cost a lot more.  Additionally, it can help animals because if we don’t eat them, then they will die of old age or horrible diseases.

The food chain will break if we just eat the crops and the animals will die due to lack of nutrition.  Therefore, the predators will also have nothing to eat.  This will eventually become a cycle and will break the food chain.  Animals are important and vital in the chain.

A supplement providing the few vitamins and minerals that are limited in non-animal sources are: iodine and Vitamin B12 (these are essential in life).

We believe that anti-veganism is better.   Our reasons are: cows’ milk contains calcium that is not in vegan products, eggs from chickens contain protein that come in vegan products, but not in a large variety.



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