BNC 16-17

To the BNC,

We’ve enjoyed spending this past school year looking at the different issues given to us. We have filmed videos inside and outside, used the art rooms, written articles on the computers and created a display board for everyone to see. Here are our thoughts on the issues from this year:

American Election – It was a really interesting topic because of the different opinions being shared. Trump becoming President of the USA has always been controversial.

Prisons and Rehabilitation – When we did the mannequin challenge we were able to show our understanding of what goes on in prisons by acting out scenes of prison life.

Syria – Using the art rooms to show our knowledge of the Syria issue helped us understand that people in Syria work so hard all their lives to be happy only to end up forced out of their homes.

NHS – Making the video about our thoughts of the NHS helped us highlight the issues with the NHS and the problems that they are facing.

Fake News – We found the topic really interesting because we were able to help people realize what is fake news and what is not. Recording the video outside was fun too!

Climate Change – It was a different topic to study because we had to think about how to help the earth survive, which is something bigger than ourselves and our daily lives.

We look forward to taking part in the BNC next year, and hopefully win the Best Club award (and get more students to join).


GAC’s BNC (Rich154, Gowry5, Minnie2395, TazmanianDevil, SlamDunk, BessieBear, MissMingo, BlueGiraffe8) 🙂

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