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My Social Housing Interview:


[Name removed]: Hello TheTeleportationKing! Welcome to BBC News! We understand you are here today to explain the social housing crisis and give some of your opinions to solve it. Could you please explain what social housing is and the crisis?

TheTeleportationKing: Thank you [name removed]. Social housing is housing provided by the government. They charge the house at a lower price than a private landlord.Only people who really need Social housing can get it.In the 1980’s, about 1/3 of homes in Britain were Social housing. Today, the level of Social housing has been slashed in half. Now, more and more people are waiting for social housing, and, in England alone, there are over 1,000,000 people waiting for Social housing. There are three possible solutions that could solve this.

[Name removed]: Okay. What are the three possible solutions that you say could work?

TheTeleportationKing: Well, one of the solutions are to reclaim empty homes. This could help because there are over 20,00 empty homes in Lambeth so by reclaiming empty homes, we could save people having to move far from their families or work because there probably is an empty home near them.

Another solution could be to build new homes. This is another good idea because we could build homes near parks and shops so they can have a good neighbourhood.

The last possible solution is to move people to less crowded areas. Often, places with not many homes empty, have lots of people waiting for Social housing. So if we moved people to less crowded areas, there would be more houses available and less people waiting.

[Name removed]: What do you think the best solution is?

TheTeleportationKing: We at the BNC Social Housing Advisory Board think that the best possible solution is to build new homes. We could build houses next to different communities so that the people that move in can experience different things and learn about other communities. To save space, we could build flats because they are tall and take up less space.

[Name removed]: What are the solutions that might not work?

TheTeleportationKing: I, personally, think that none of them could work but building new homes would be the best. If we reclaim empty homes, owners might not want to give up their second home. If we move people to less crowded areas, they might want to stay near their family. Their job. Their friends. If we build new homes, think of all the time, money and effort spent.

[Name removed]: What challenges might you face while building new homes?

TheTeleportationKing: Well, like I said, it would take a lot of money spent having to buy all the materials. A lot of time having to go through all the saftey checks. And a lot of effort.

[Name removed]: How might you overcome these challenges?

TheTeleportationKing: To overcome these, we’d have to think about what we’re building. To get all the money, we’d take a little money from each money pot so that everything stays fair. We’d also have to make sure that the materials we are using will last long to save time having to build a new block of flats.

[Name removed]: In conclusion, what do you recommend to the local government?

TheTeleportationKing: We recommend that the government builds new homes so that their can be a happy community and everyone is friends!


By TheTeleportationKing

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