Burnet News Club Equality Artwork

For my final piece, I’ve decided to show that we need male and female as equals to have a balanced world. To show that I’ve used the ying and yang logo from the Chinese culture that symbolises balance from having a positive and a negative side. I wanted to change the design a bit so I’ve changed the colour from white and black to red and blue to symbolise male and female. The slogan I’ve used ‘We are one!’ was to show that no matter who you are, you are equal to other people. The slogan was written in a Chinese text style to show that it represents to everyone around the world, not just to the USA or to the UK. Originally, the text colour was supposed to be black however, I’ve changed it to purple because blue and red make purple, which shows that both man and woman are needed in the world.

The puzzler


  1. Hi The Puzzler,

    We’ve really enjoyed looking at the art work from Lodge Park. Reading your explanation really helps to understand the meaning of your art and your message behind it.

    Some people might say that your message is that women and men are different from each other but compliment each other? Do other BNC students agree with me?

    -Tiff at the Foundation?

  2. Upton Cross Primary School Upton Cross Primary School

    The thing I admire about The Puzzler’s work is that he/she used the ying yang sign to represent that we are one and united and that we are all equal and the same no matter who we are or what we are. And we should all work as one to keep our society safe and happy no matter the gender.

  3. Elaine Primary Academy Elaine Primary Academy

    I believe this is a great piece of art work as it resembles equality. In addition to this, it feels to me like it represents the balance of peace and chaos, as I’m certain the yin yang sign was created to resemble (it was that or good and evil). But it makes sense. Some days, the fight for equality will be easier than others, but it wasn’t made to be an easy fight in the first place! It was made to prove women are strong, hence the dot in each if the sides. Men are portrayed as masculine and strong and the colour blue (I hope) but we still have a small piece of that in us.


  4. Boutcher Primary School Boutcher Primary School

    I liked it because it symbolizes peace, equal rights, equal everything and that we are different but can still be equal.

    Madame Ming