As life goes down,
Gender inequality has taken its toll
WW3 is gaining you see
But where I am
A person trying to keep peace
They want war
They lock me away
A dunce in the corner.

I am solid
But you see through me
Well you don’t see through my mind
An object
In their pity place
I’m tearing
This girl apart

Why is always me
The one who lives the agony
I had support
With my opinions
I had Burnet News Club
Before they chained me away

Why me…
To give me this conscious
As a poor girl weeps
I’m the cell keeping her,
I weep as she weeps,
I shout as she shout
She cries as I wince in pain.

I see, a boy out there,
In the same glass cabinet as me
He is tucked in the corner
Head in his knees,

Where I am
My gruffy voice stumbles over the words,
That girl places her hand on the glass
I trip as I stand
To place mine in the same spot,

Our personalities are locked
As we are like in this cage
It doesn’t matter about our physical gender
Our mental gender is in sync
And together
We will get out of this glass cabinet.


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  1. Expert from The Economist Expert from The Economist

    Your words are beautiful and strong. Economist Expert #1