Why we can’t split the two. Final piece

To start of the post I will include a short but relevante tongue twister about sports and politics.

If you want a bit of sports and games I will give you some mental pain and if you want some mental pain i could give you some sports and games.

now what I mean by this tongue twister is you can’t have sports or games without mental pain (trust me. I’ve been reading o(a)-level books about this stuff it is painful.) I also state that if you want politics I could give some sports and games to look at. So why does politics have to work with sports to make it run smoothly and why is it best for us and the sporting community if it does. First we must look at how the political system work or how society works to see how politics and sports come into play. The most obvious parts of the system of society is the people in it. we have the tax paying people. Your mum or your dad most of your family even your teachers pay tax all working class people or work above the national insurance or  income tax you must pay x amount of cash to the government. There is also people who a exempt from income tax and those are really important people or the people whose money comes from the government and  sometimes there are certain createinstance for ‘normal’ people.  e.g politicians and the monarchy. this how the system run money wise but the is also some other things the government do and this is much more important. that is setting up laws and running the country. the main thing to know about the law is you can get out of trouble if you have a lot of money or that anyone could be arrested (maybe not the queen but we haven’t caught her ….) . now back to the system the government set the laws (and aren’t exempt), people sign up to be police officer judges, e.t.c and they deliver justice and we the people of the society are law abiding citizens do what we do in the parameters of the law. Some people don’t follow these parameters and then they get arrested e.t.c. now running the country is a bit different. we vote MPs into parliament and they decide how to spend there money. (on brexit and themselves of course). They spend the money on the basis of what needs it and what we need. but after the money is spent the government monitor what goes on and they keep people in check.

So how does this work with politics and sport. well the answer is simple. to regulate what is going on the screen and what is being displayed. Now i’m not talking china level regulation I’m talking to keep society from freaking out regulations. what the government wants is not to see people parading offensive symbols/slogans/speeches across our TV screens but to have people have a good time watching sport. the point is I’ve never seen politics severely intervene (like arresting people). but if they tone it down it would be just fine. (more on that later) politics role in this world of sports and activities is that it need to stop people ‘showing off’. without politics or banning politics out right would cause the sporting world to crumble. fifa is there to stop all the good players from playing in on team because they want to or stop some random country hosting the world cup for nothing. However and I agree with this that FIFA is rather extreme and that if they tone it down and just play it cool we could get somewhere. ok.

I believe that we shouldn’t split apart sports and politics as this would create uncertain turmoil.




  1. Hi goldrhino, well done for writing a Final Piece which you’ve clearly researched well! Sometimes your argument becomes a bit unclear. Your point about taxes is interesting, but I am unsure how it relates directly to whether sport and politics should mix? I’d recommend that you read over your post again in a couple of days, maybe printed out. See if you can write a second draft and I look forward to reading a slightly edited version! Olivia

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    I agree as we need politics in sport as if racism gets involved , that could be serious. By the way goldrhino , that was a good piece.


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    i agree to

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    me too

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    I also agree

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