Capitalism, Socialism or Communism?

There are 3 different types of nations, Capitalist, Socialist and Communist.

Capitalist Nations. – Top of the ladder.

The Nations : United Kingdom, European Union and United States of America, are just a few of the capitalist nations in the world. Capitalist nations are where you have to “earn your keep”. Usually there are many problems in these types of countries. For instance, Homelessness, Being Poor and just general unfairness. In my opinion, I don’t think that these nations will stay capitalists forever. I believe they will go down the ladder and reach Socialist or even Communist.

Socialist Nations. – Half way down the ladder.

Socialist Nations like China, Netherlands and even some parts of Russia are fairer than Capitalist Nations but still isn’t the fairest. Socialist Nations are where EVERYONE is given the same starter but they have to choose what they do with it.  People normally agree with these nations because everyone is given the same opportunities as each other. Still in my opinion, I don’t think that this type of nation will work because it would very quickly turn back into a Capitalist Nation or slowly turn into a Communist Nation.

Communist Nations. – Bottom of the ladder.

Sadly no nations are communist anymore but are slowly – very slowly- turning into them. During WW2, Russia was known as the United Soviet States of Russia – they were a communist nation. In a communist nation, everyone is equal. Not a single person can have something that someone else doesn’t have. In my opinion, I think that these are the best type of nations because not a single person isn’t equal.

My thoughts.

I believe that the Communist Nations are the best because everyone has the same thing, the same education – this means that everyone has the same opportunities are everyone else.


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  1. St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

    I agree with you @The~Asgardian~Reporter! 🙂
    All of us are equal!

  2. Faringdon Community College Faringdon Community College

    I mostly agree with this post @The~Asgardian~Reporter, we should all be given the same opportunities in life and we are all equal. But if we are all given the same amount of money and things that everyone else has not considering our job role doesn’t this have the possibility of being unfair?
    What if you were working extremely hard in a very stressful job but you were given the same amount of money to a person who is working slowly and lazily, not to the best of their abilities? It’s like taxes in the UK, the more income you receive the more you are taxed but not so much that all incomes are the same, those that work hard have the opportunity to work more and be rewarded for their hard work. This helps to minimize the gap between rich and poor slightly and our taxes go towards everyone. Surely this is heading ( even if we are not quite there yet) in the right direction? This is why I don’t totally agree with communist nations, I think that the other two are better (especially socialist nations).


    • Well done for explaining your opinion, Blueleopard and showing good reasons for your point of view. I would be interested to hear why you think the other two are better, especially social nations. What advantages does socialism bring and what reasons do you find most convincing for why we should organise a nation in that way? Olivia

  3. Streatham Wells Primary School Streatham Wells Primary School

    But imagine everyone having the same things. no one would be different.

  4. St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

    i love your post and i agree with you.