Catalonia: The 4 important dates


Hello everyone! I’m AgentKitty and I would like to talk about 4 dates that were extremely special to Catalonia. Without these 4 dates it would of changed Catalonia completely.


1640, The War of the Reapers

The Reapers War took place in 1640 and ended in 1659. There is no specific number as to how many people died but we assume that over a billion people died. This war was very brutal and it was the start for a new era for Catalonia.


1687, Revolt of the Barrentinas  

After the Reapers War, Catalonia faced something that they thought was against them. So what did they do? Well, they had a rebellion against the government.  King Charles III wasn’t happy though. Catalonia had war with King Charles III. Luckily, Catalonia won. Let’s just say, it wasn’t a good idea to celebrate. They didn’t know what was awaiting them.


1714, The Big War

This war was very important.  Without this war, Catalonia wouldn’t want independence. This is when Spain absorbed and conquered Catalonia.  At that time, it wasn’t really a big deal because other things were occurring such as Queen Anne and Phillippe V having war because Queen Anne didn’t want him to be king. This was major for Catalonia though.


1937, the dark ages

Around those times, Catalonia was facing its darkest moments. Franco was just dominating Catalonia. The culture was gone and the language was at stake. Even some Catalonian names were banned. Ever since Franco’s death, Catalonia has its own architect, language, power and culture.

So those are the four dates. What do you think off them? If it was your choice to if you want Catalonia too stay of leave what would you say?  There’s been a rift in which, between the unity and perimeters, Catalonia just wants its own land. Barely anyone, however, say they want to stay in Catalonia and Spain.

Big thanks to ApplesAndPears10 and bubblequeen for helping me with this piece. I hope you enjoyed my piece and I hope you like it


Thank you, AgentKitty


  1. Well done to AgentKitty and great team work from ApplesAndPears10 and bubblequeen!

    This is really interesting and you have done a good job of explaining these dates for other BNC members. I’m interested to find out where you got your additional information from? If we take things from other websites, just like at university, we should always write where we got it from at the bottom.

    Which event do you think is most significant and why? It would be good to hear everyone’s reasons in the comments below! Olivia

    • St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

      Sorry I forgot to mention that. I got my notes from Wikipedia.
      I think all of them are significant in their own way. I think this because without the Reapers War it wouldn’t of have prepared Catalonia and would not of started a new era. Without the Revolt of the Barrentinas, the government would of have continued with what they were doing. Without the big war, Catalonia wouldn’t want independence and finally without the dark ages, Franco wouldn’t of been executed and Catalonia would be fine. That doesn’t the other countries were safe.

      AgentKitty, thank you 🙂

  2. Streatham Wells Primary School Streatham Wells Primary School

    Wow! This taught me so much I didn’t know about Catalonia! Thanks!

  3. Streatham Wells Primary School Streatham Wells Primary School

    This is really good! I think I would vote to leave because I wouldn’t want to be controlled by Spain especially since they are apparently not treating Catalonia very nicely. Just a question, who is Franco?
    WiseOwl13 over and out

  4. St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

    Hi Agentkitty,
    I really enjoyed your piece and it definitely deserved to be shown. Like YellowPikin, I never knew about this so I am really grateful to you. You explained a lot and I think it had lots of detail. Just like Wiseowl13overandout, I would want Catalonia to depart from Spain because Spain isn’t making an effort to keep Catalonia. Also, thanks for mentioning me in your brilliant piece!!!!!!!! Just to say I posted two copies because I accidently sent the one above by accident.

  5. Arnhem Wharf Primary School Arnhem Wharf Primary School

    I think I would choose leave because I would not want to be controlled by spain and I would want to do what I want

  6. Colegrave Primary School Colegrave Primary School

    In my opinion,I believe that Catalonia caused this for them selves but,Queen Anne’s selfishness was mainly the cause but also Spain does not want to be known as the country who allowed a city to become independent and then later on we find out that Catalonia is not really coping well.Does Spain deserve to have the kind of trust that its people is providing them? Do the people feel like Spain is loosing its heritage? Well,from my knowledge I can see that Catalonia does have the right to a say but it looks like they think that they are being bossed around.


    • St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

      I think I forgot to say this but while I was looking back at my notes ,I saw that the reason why it happened was because when Prince Charles II died, the Spanish citizens realized he had no child. France stepped in and said they wanted Philippe V to be king but the other countries/states didn’t want this to happen so they declared war.
      The thing that really puzzles me was why did they conquer Catalonia in the first place?

  7. Hello Burnet News Club! It’s excellent to read your comments and see you back on the Hub. From this point on in the conversation, see if you can reply to the person who has written before you. Maybe you want to ask them a question or say why you agree with them. For example, RainbowUnicorn246, I would like to find out (from you or someone else) why you described Queen Anne as selfish! Olivia

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