Catalonia: In it together or Independent? | Issue Highlights & Thought Leader

Well done to this BNC Issue's Thought Leader: Colegrave Primary School!

Congratulations to Colegrave Primary School who are our Thought Leader for the Catalonia BNC Issue. Colegrave ticked every box for us: lots of different Hub Handles taking part in the online discussion, great Final Pieces submitted, a winning Weekly Competition entry and loads of participation during BNC Live! We loved hearing about the successes and challenges their club experienced on the day and the brilliant teamwork that helped them come to a decision.  

We were also really impressed by...

This was a fantastic Final Piece written by Pip:Wip at Graveney School. It was excellent to read a persuasive speech that demonstrated the five BNC skills; curiosity, scepticism, open-mindedness, storytelling and reasoning. They also included a range of examples; from real-life examples on Earth, to ideas from the fictional town of Seabourne! You can read the full piece here.

Well done to Fireeater2018 at Boutcher Primary School. Here at the Burnet News Club, we are always looking for club members who are confident enough to talk about an issue and give their point of view. This isn't easy to do, and we thought Fireeater2018 did a brilliant job. Watch the full speech.

BNC Skills...

Each half term, we look for Burnet News Club members who are demonstrating our five key skills: storytelling, reasoning, scpeticism, open-mindedness and curiosity. Here are some examples that we thought were great!

Harris Academy Beckenham

Michael Faraday School

St Gregory's Primary School

Newington Community Primary

Briar Hill Primary School

Weekly Winners...

Well done to all of the BNC members who have entered the Weekly Competition. They were especially tricky to judge during this Issue! You can check out each of the winning entries by clicking here.  


  1. Thank you so much!!!
    This issue has been SOO FUN, I have learnt a lot about different people’s views and have found out lots about Catalonia, many things I didn’t know about before!
    I am also really EXCITED about the new issue as Women’s rights are extremely important!

    P. S please can you change my link to my final piece so my newly improved and updated one is shown.

    By Pip:Wip

  2. Congratulations to everybody who won. Can’t wait for the the new issue!


  3. Malcolm Arnold Academy Malcolm Arnold Academy

    I just want to say thank you to the Burnet News Club for teaching me all I know about Catalonia. I just can’t wait to learn about the Year for Women.


  4. Great to hear everyone is excited for the new issue!

    -Tiff at the Foundation

  5. Boutcher Primary School Boutcher Primary School

    Are you going to tell us what the new issue is?

    Madame Ming

  6. Congratulations Colegrave School!

  7. Hanwell Fields Y5 Hanwell Fields Y5

    My teacher is the best I enjoyed learning about Catalonia I can’t wait to learn about the year of the women’s
    So happy that Catalonia is together with Spain Hope you enjoy being together


  8. St Saviour's & St Olave's School St Saviour's & St Olave's School

    I think that they should be independent they have wanted it for ages and they speak another language from the rest of Spain.