Catalonian independence: what’s going on?

As you may be aware, Catalonia has recently been having a row with Spain: some Catalonians want to be independent – meaning that they can make their own decisions, be referred to as a different country and be able to keep all of their language, culture and money to themselves. Catalonia wanted this, so in  2015, they voted to leave Spain, and have independence. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Scotland has tried to get independent, and Britain is still in the act of  Brexit. However, Spain blocked their attempt, and Catalonia, still being part of Spain, had no power. But Catalonia did to give up, striking again in October 2017 with a referendum, where leaving got the largest vote. Despite this, and Carles Puigdemont claiming that they would “Declare independence in a matter of days”, Spain blocked the uprising, using the fact that only 47% of Catalonia had actually voted to their advantage.

I feel that it is not my place to state my opinion on whether Catalonia should be independent or not, but I can say that if the other 53% of the country had wanted Catalonia to stay, they would have voted.

What do you think? Should they stay or leave? Or is this argument never going to end?

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  1. Chiltern Way Academy Chiltern Way Academy

    i think that they should be independent because it is there country and there decision.

    by J 2+2 is 4 -1 that’s 3 quick maths.

  2. Chiltern Way Academy Chiltern Way Academy

    I think Catalonia should be an independent country because then they would be free to live their lives how they choose. I think this because they already have what they need such as people, rules, language, food, monuments and their own flag.


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