First of all,climate change is definitely not a hoax.Donald Trump is  MAD if he thinks it is a hoax,[which is what he thinks].Long before he even announced he was running for president,Donald Trump had been issuing periodic statements about climate change being a hoax.Since 2011 he has been tweeting his climate idealism regularly,adamant that climate change is not a thing.

Long before he even declared his run for the White House, Donald Trump has been issuing periodic statements affirming his belief that man-made global warming is a myth, meant to stifle US manufacturing. While as recently as 2009 he was cosigning letters with other business leaders calling for “meaningful and effective measures to control climate change,” since about 2011 he has been tweeting his climate idealism regularly, a denialism that culminated in his exiting the Paris climate agreement on Thursday .Aswell as this,Donald Trump Jr has recently announced statements that the Russian government told him things that would damage his main rival Hillary Clinton’s campaign to be president.This damages Donald Trump’s place in presidency,so if worse comes to worse, maybe there might be another election,which potentially means none of this will go ahead.



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