Climate Change – Now or Later?

 Climate change: something that has been a trouble for us for years. We, as conscious humans,
 are trying our best to stop this terrible problem.
 We have come up with multiple solutions: Wind Turbines, Solar power, Electric Cars.
 But none have really worked.

But besides from the problem, climate change will cost a lot to deal with. We can’t convince everyone to spend the money
it takes to put solar panels on our roofs, put a wind turbine in our back garden, replace our cars with electric ones.

So, should we prioritise people now or in the future?


  1. We need to take action now because it is effecting our travel and trades that use Diesel to run in the obsession. We then can continue out trades that help this country stand tall.
  2. If we take action now, we will save money later.
  3. If we take action now, we can stop worrying about it, and so our children can have a stress-free life.



  1. Climate change is not killing us now, we should spend money on things that are killing us now, like malaria.
  2. There will always be a few hundred people who will not do it. Later, when it will be hurting us, people will want to do it.
  3. We don’t have enough money. if we spent all the money we have now, we will be bankrupt because no-one will give us any money because of Brexit.


What do YOU think?

Should we prioritise people now or in the future?



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