Climate Change~What to do about it

Climate change affect us and many other people in many ways, but the big question is…What to do about climate change? There are many ideas but whose idea would work best to save the planet? Some people think wind turbines would be the best while others think using less cars would be the best or would solar panels work most effectively?

Climate change not just affect us but animals too. Some have to suffer from their homes disappearing,others have to suffer from the hot climate and then having less food to eat. Almost everyone cares about climate change but some people, like Donald Trump who thinks climate change is a hoax, don’t care about this VERY important issue.

Sooner or later,we will all have have to collaborate together and solve this problem.

Ideas to solve climate change

  1. Use less cars
  2. Clean your local parks
  3. Try walking/cycling/scooting etc..
  4. Switch off all electronics when you are done with them
  5. Recycle and Reuse when possible


To solve Climate Change, we have to make a difference by working collaboratively to solve this problem.

Will we all fall apart or will we work together to solve this problem?




  1. North Beckton Primary School North Beckton Primary School

    Very good argument, PikachuPanda3. I really like it when you give us ideas to save the world and fight climate change. I would just recommend that you check over your spellings and that paragraphs make sense.
    Peter Comba 29 – XxXDiamondWolf123XxX

  2. North Beckton Primary School North Beckton Primary School

    I totally agree with you PikachuPanda 3 but I would like to add another solution to your list:
    Use and make more electric cars.

    The Canews and WroetoBlog123