Climb high but not too high to be equal but how we are falling and how the others need to climb higher too by Katmeow4

Is pink only a girl colour? Is blue only a boy colour? Can only girls where dresses? Do boys only like cars?

Before starting my speech, I would like to ask a question: If you saw a person from behind wearing a pink dress, pink shoes, and having long hair, would you assume that it was a girl?

Sufferagettes is a noun meanig women who campainged for women’s rights. This started in the late 18th century. Women had always had less rights than men because they were seen as steriotipycally weak and sweet. So, after a few small camaigns for women’s rights, Emmeline and Christabel Parkhust formed a group of British activists and campaigned as a bigger group. From then on, women comitted nearly all possible forms of suicide. For example, stepping into a road with a bus ready hit you or, lying down in front of a horse. Women sacrificed their lifes to get equal rights to men. From then on, women’s rights improved and by 1998 they had almost every rights that men had. There were however, many rights they didn’t have yet- it was an improvement though.

Pop music started in the 1950’s in the USA and the UK. It was a genre of music that was meant to be popular. The Beatles were one of the first bands to play pop music. Mtv (a music video channel) came out on the 1st August, 1981. This was where bands or singers could make music videos (expressing the mood of the song) and show them. In 1894, a girl group called the Spice Girls came out. They came up with the catchphrase ‘girl power’. From then on, the phrase ‘girl power’ was used widely to show that women had power. Pop music changed a lot from then on. Madonna (who had begun her career in 1982) started to use many different and unique moves. Since then, many female singers started to use moves in their music videos that made them look weaker. After nearly a whole century of women comitting suicide for equal rights, these singers are making societies change their minds. Put it this way: you cannot walk up some stairs to the next level, walk half way down again and stay on the stairs for the rest of your life; you would either, need to walk back down again to the bottom floor (which is where women will gradually be if some of them carry on this way) or, walk up again to the next floor and then hopefully carry on to the top floor (which is where we need to aim for).

When you say ‘you’re being sexist’, usually, people refer to the descrimination of women. Is this fair however? Is it only women that don’t have enough rights?

If a boy comes into school wearing a pink unicorn shirt, his friends will most probably laugh at him and tease him for the rest of his life. If a girl walks into  school wearing a blue car shirt, she will not get teased as much. Clothes are nearly always split into gender groups simply by their colours and decorations. Men shoes are usually grey and black whereas women’s shoes are any colour. Women are now allowed to wear trousers so, why can’t men wear tights, leggings, skirts and dresses? In school, girls are allowed to keep long hair but boys aren’t. Even as adults, girls are allowed to tie their hair in any way they want. Men can only tie in some ways because then they will be laughed at by nearly any passing strangers.

Another big problem for men is ballet. It considered an easy sport that only girls can do because some still think girls are too weak. It is in fact (by the look of it), extremely hard. Even if a man started ballet, men have different rolls to women. Men are set to do all the jumping and lifting of their partner whereas, the women are set to do all the waving of the hands and arabesques. Furthermore, women wear buns in ballet whereas, if a man was to have long hair and was to do ballet, they would probably make him tie it into a ponytail.

In conclusion, I think that women should have equal rights to men however, if some of them are going to carry on making themselves look weak, then we will go nowhere. Although women should have equal rights to men, men should also have equal rights to women.

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