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I think climate change and brexit because they both have a big impact in the wold and only the... Weekly Competition #39 01/7/19
I forgot to put ''Don't cape your light's when you are not in the room,'' What can we do 01/7/19
It is very short no fens and it didn't rely didn't explain how we can do better Who will get the blame 14/6/19
more 60 years of no see if built .CATASTROPHIC WALL Weekly Competition #33 22/5/19
FAMILY'S DIVIDED BY WALL... Weekly Competition #33 22/5/19
Brexit is like a carimal cake some people don't like it some people do Weekly Competition #25 12/3/19
I want to inghom you about the border bitwen the Republik of iriled and the nothe of iriled... Brexit 04/3/19
Yes because more of the popyoualitea ether agree or disagree but if it is not a fair the vote... Is it always fair to do what the majority want? 25/2/19