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I agree, I think everybody had a part to play and should be more careful. If course, not... Fianancial Crisis. The Blame Game! 07/12/18
I was reasons, and I agree with that because (I'm giving you a REASON here) I think that I use... Take the skills-based personality quiz! 07/12/18
Hi Alex/Emma, I was wondering if a financial crisis can ever build up over time, and then sides... 2. Bank of England reply to the BNC! 07/12/18
Hi humorous_solution, I loved your post. Like you, I think that banks/bankers should loan people... Should Banks Give People Loans? 07/12/18
Hi educated_acorn, I think that SOME bankers are nice, but a banker is a job you could be proud... Money matters...always! 07/12/18
Bankers lend and save, The Bank of England has vaults, Banks work hard for us. I chose this... Weekly Competition #14 07/12/18
Well done Content_lemon. I loved your post and especially agree the Government does help banks... Interest 07/12/18
Thanks content lemon. I was wondering if you had done any similar posts, I would be very... How much risk? 07/12/18
I agree... But a fire fighter is quite a heroic job, and people might do it to get a heroic reputation. Are parents wages fare. 07/12/18
Personally, I have sympathy for parents who might have trouble bringing up their kids with a... Are parents wages fare. 05/12/18
Money matters because of the impact it has on our lives - the world we live in has people... Weekly Competition #13 03/12/18
Hi good_hedgehog... I kind of agree with you, especially on the bankers being greedy - they had... Individual bankers, or their bosses? 28/11/18
I couldn't agree more, though there are good sides and bad sides. I think that their might be... How do you look at money? Good or bad? 23/11/18
Yes I think that it depends on how and who money is given to and used. If you spend it on sweets... How do you look at money? Good or bad? 21/11/18
I'm glad you agree! It must be hard for people that were effected the most... Should their be another equivalent to the bank of England? 20/11/18
Yeah! It would make it a lot easier if it said "This site has been checked by BNC and it is... Individual bankers, or their bosses? 20/11/18
Bank cards are very useful to transfer things quickly and save people a lot of bother. However,... Coins or notes? 20/11/18
Yeah though if you don't find it on other websites there may be a small chance that it could be... Individual bankers, or their bosses? 20/11/18
I guess so, but coins are useful (as you said) because of how easily they are used for smaller... Coins or notes? 19/11/18
I guess that you can check on other websites and if they have got it on theirs then you can trust it. Individual bankers, or their bosses? 19/11/18
I agree with you, I'm torn as well.. I liked your reasons! The Finanatial Crisis - Who Is To Blame? 17/11/18
If I were on a desert item (I'm not thinking practical wise) I would hope it would be a... Weekly Competition #11 17/11/18
The website was really helpful. The only doubts I had were (although it was my own opinion) the... Individual bankers, or their bosses? 16/11/18
Hi Olivia - I've done all you've asked me to. Here are my ideas... • Another way of thinking... Individual bankers, or their bosses? 16/11/18
Thanks co tent lemon, I'm glad you agree. I spent quite a long time looking at ways to see money... Coins or notes? 16/11/18
For me, the main points on that web were how much money comes in and the taxes we have to pay. I... Does money cause depression? 16/11/18
Hi Olivia - thank you for the star! Yeah, we have to be carefully though I found out that money... Does money cause depression? 15/11/18
Hi I'm replying to all of you really. I think that when coins were first introduced then people... Coins or notes? 12/11/18
Yes, I guess that some things I wish I could change aren't REALLY possible. However, maybe a new... How would you change money??? 12/11/18
Oops! I will try and always double check it though I do try to read it through quickly. Maybe... Do certain jobs have a wrongly high salary? 12/11/18
I would lend my money to a company ( I'm making one up) that uses recycled plastics and... Weekly Competition #10 10/11/18
Wow beloved chocolate! I really loved your post. I agree that financial crises can be hindered... Financial Crises 10/11/18
I couldn't agree with you more! I guess pocket money is good to have when you want something and... Is Pocket Money A Good Thing To Have? 09/11/18
Hi content lemon, I loved your post. I liked the structure and the paragraph headings. I have... Is Pocket Money A Good Thing? 09/11/18
I really like your post though I guess that if the general public earn their money then it is... Who's Fault Was It? 08/11/18
Firstly, can I just say I'm very excited to hear from another panda_bear! Back to the situation,... Why Do Banks Shut Down? 08/11/18
Thank you Olivia! I think that the car business could go wrong so easily. As we know, he wanted... Who would you give the money to if you were a bank? 08/11/18
Thanks! I'm kind of replying to both of you and I'm glad you guys agree. When you see how... Do we spend to much money on small things? 06/11/18
Hi darling sea! When I first read the title I thought that of course we need money if people... DO WE REALLY NEED MONEY? 02/11/18
You are very right ( energetic conversation) and maybe it does prepare you for when you are... should we stop pocket money? 02/11/18
😁😁 Thank you! Your points were really helpful and the number of times I have changed my mind... Should Aung Sang Suu Kyi Be Replaced? 02/11/18
Communicative bird is right (in my opinion) about maybe it being silly to stop pocket money... should we stop pocket money? 02/11/18
Thank you! I guess that some people are more responsible than others when it comes to what you... should we stop pocket money? 02/11/18
Yeah, I guess you become a lot more responsible when you have to decide what to spend your money... should we stop pocket money? 01/11/18
Thank you for the star! I am glad you have commented on my curiosity as I feel that is the... should we stop pocket money? 31/10/18
Yes you are very right especially about her being inspiring. I won't say anymore on this but... Should Aung Sang Suu Kyi Be Replaced? 30/10/18
I'm glad you agree and she may be trying to help him though the didn't exactly make things better! The school incident... 30/10/18
Although I agree, I do think it's worth standing up to people because if we as humans don't let... Is every perspective on a news story equally important? 26/10/18
I agree with you though the there isn't always a way of knowing if someone's lying. The school trip 26/10/18
Yeah I guess your right and my mind is partly changed. However, what does she need evidence for?... Should Aung Sang Suu Kyi Be Replaced? 25/10/18
I couldn’t agree with you more! Yes, I guess she may be waiting but in my opinion, she can’t... Was myanmar better of before Aung San Suu Kyi was free? 25/10/18
I guess I have mixed opinions. Communicative bird- I agree with you about caring for the country... Should Aung Sang Suu Kyi Be Replaced? 24/10/18
I mostly agree though maybe Lisa should take a bit more responsibility. After all she was involved... The school incident... 24/10/18
Yeah I agree with you about that and how it links to Myanmar. The Rohingya people aren't... The school incident... 24/10/18
Your opinion was really great and I really like your ending! Is every perspective on a news story equally important? 24/10/18
I agree with you very much! Your post was great. who is best to hear from? 24/10/18
Yes, I think Aung San sun joy really did win one though whether she still deserves it is a... myanmar is out control 24/10/18
I really like this way of seeing this issue. My first wish would be for the military to have a... If you had 3 wishes for Myanmar what would they be??????? 23/10/18
I agree with flowing_lion about getting extra information on Myanmar. Your class gets all the... VIDEO: Interview with Sophie Everest @ The Red Cross in Myanmar 23/10/18
I disagree too Is every perspective on a news story equally important? 23/10/18
I learnt a lot from your post. Is every perspective on a news story equally important? 22/10/18
Although I would give my seat to anyone badly in need, lots of people on that bus may want it... Who is going to have your seat? 20/10/18
I have never looked at this question in that way before and agree with what you are saying. I... Should The Rohingyas' Move From Myanmar? 19/10/18
I think that this question isn't looked at a lot and that you did a great job of looking at it.... Question quake - did you enjoy? 19/10/18
I agree with excited passion fruit but unfortunately not many people get the chance in some places. My Opinion 19/10/18
I do agree with the majority of what you said and although I have been on the other side of the... Is every perspective on a news story equally important? 19/10/18
I am glad you agree though on the spelling it's the ideas that count. Also, I think her award... what next? 19/10/18
I also think that she should at least mention the crisis a bit more then she is doing. who is best to hear from? 19/10/18
china does say though that Raj is always messing around. for this reason I this reason I think... Raj's detention 18/10/18
True, but it's our human nature to show of with something new. Lisa still shouldn't have pushed... Raj's detention 18/10/18
I also think that china should take more responsibility. she after all was also involved. I am... Raj's detention 17/10/18
I think that she should keep her award for now however if she does not help in some way with... Should Aung Sang Suu Kyi's peace prize be revoked? 17/10/18
I agree with content lemon about both Mrs Townsend and Lisa. Raj and Lisa's ways of telling the... Raj's Detention 17/10/18
I think that every body is as important as each other. personally I would give my seat up to... Who got your seat? 17/10/18