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some might just not want to take blame for a big issue Weekly Competition #40 09/7/19
bury the excess carbon to decrease atmospheric carbon levels which would greatly affect climate... Weekly Competition #38 25/6/19
trumps truth Weekly Competition #33 21/5/19
a world without borders would be a disastrous vicious circle of everyone moving to the richest... Weekly Competition #32 14/5/19
P.S. i found it fine to go back to england because i was only 5 years old but i had a strong... Weekly Competition #31 07/5/19
so me and my family went to newzeland for a few years and my sister was born there but we had to... Weekly Competition #31 07/5/19
president trump uses taxpayers money for the greater good Weekly Competition #29 23/4/19
this would be bad as then we would never get an answer Weekly Competition #26 19/3/19
Brexit Gets Postponed For One More Eternity don't worry we will get a deal. (fake) Weekly Competition #26 19/3/19
brexit is like the burnet news club weekly competition, so hard to come up with an answer Weekly Competition #25 12/3/19
how do you write that much? Weekly Competition #17 15/1/19
i would be very very lonely i wouldn't be open to change so i would have no friends and would be... Weekly Competition #17 15/1/19
there are so many police men for one person Weekly Competition #16 08/1/19