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Are banks good or are they not? Will they soon be replaced by bots? Are banks important or are... Weekly Competition #14 07/12/18
money is and isn't important, it is because necessities such as food are paid for with money,... Weekly Competition #13 05/12/18
I was not sure if we will get rid of notes and coins chances are, we eventually will but I... Quiz time! What have you learnt so far? 29/11/18
I chose the headline claiming that there was a "Magic Money Tree Making Millions". I have... Weekly Competition #12 28/11/18
I forgot to add at the end about how all of these things are a form of discrimination and that,... WRONG 18/10/18
I would also choose the UN minister and the Myanmar State Counsellor as I think the minister... BNC viewpoint activity 17/10/18
I agree that actions speak louder than words as Aung Suu Kyi has spoken out against the... Weekly Competition #6 17/10/18
We are all curious about something. What i'm curious about is how Brent Troshman died from a... Weekly Competition #5 05/10/18