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I am not sure if any of you know about the Wolf and the Rabbit story we got told earlier, so I will tell you.

The Wolf and the Rabbit were the best of friends, so one day they had a sleepover. The Wolf was a very organised wolf. The rabbit loved having fun. However, the Wolf decided that they should sleep at 8 pm, so they could have fun together whereas the Rabbit wanted to sleep late, at 12. The Wolf wanted Bacon but the Rabbit wanted apples, and so on. We decided that they should try a bit of each others food, if they don’t like it, that’s fine. Also, the Rabbit wanted to chase mice but the Wolf wanted to play a board game, so we said play a board game outside. The Rabbit wanted to sleep inside in a blanket but the Wolf wanted to play outside so we said take a blanket outside……



Four words: What. Did. You. Post?



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