What is the cost of dealing with climate change? | Hub Highlights


Congratulations to Malcolm Arnold Academy who are our Thought Leader for our last issue of the year.

They organised an interview with the UK Transport Department and researched some cutting edge solutions to address climate change. We were especially interested in The Asgardian Reporter’s post.

Elsewhere we had some brilliant examples of using a different medium to express your thoughts. Colegrave Primary School created and performed poems that thought about climate change from the perspective of Mother Nature.

It seems like most BNC members agree that something needs to be done to deal with climate change. But you were also aware of the difficulties in dealing with climate change. ViolinArtist9 pointed out “Wind turbines are very expensive and if we spend our money on them then we will not be able to pay as much for things like healthcare.”

Here at the Economist Educational Foundation, we just want to say a huge thank you to all BNC members who have contributed to the Hub this year. We have been incredibly impressed by your open-minded discussion around all six of our issues.

We’ve taken some of the best bits and will be publishing a digital BNC annual. We’ll post it when it is ready so you can have a look!

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