A current debate on for or against being vegan

There has been many debates on whether it it better to be vegan or to stay with eating meat.

I agree with being against veganism because i couldn’t give up my minerals, calcium or protein from animal products. Being vegan just isn’t right for the environment because we would have to destroy rain forests in order to plant more crops for us!

For veganism

We breed animals just for the sake of killing them afterwards. Cattle are used for milk also their babies are taken away from them and are fed formula milk or are fed milk from one cow ,which is not healthy for the cow, so it wouldn’t be fair. Animals have their own purpose for being alive and human in general should respect that. Human beings shouldn’t be killing animals or taking the thing they naturally produce. When animals are farmed it is bad for the environment because lots of crops are grown in order to slaughter animals, when we humans could easily eat the crops directly. When you eat lots of red meat it is potentially bad for you and is believed plant fibre is healthy so surly eating a vegan diet will make our society healthier, isn’t it? For farmers who farm animals instead of loosing their business they could farm crops instead, if they choose?


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