Diary entry

Dear diary

Life has been hell for me recently, my husband is making me do so much chores recently it’s torture and I’m starting to get really tired of this. Why wont he help me for ONCE? at this rate I mite as well just do nothing since I’m like a slave in this house. Today I have done cleaning, chores, mopping and cooking. Also I have to look after the kids by myself while my husband just sits in theliving room watching TV. I hope one day my husband will see how much he’s treating me and also see that women are people to.




One Comment

  1. From the father’s point of view, he might be feeling tired or over stressed from work. Perhaps he works long days and long nights to support his family’s needs? I think that the woman in this story should communicate to her husband, to talk about how to make their situation easier. She shouldn’t express her feelings inside a book, if you’re upset, talk about it.