The Difference between ‘Need’ and ‘Want’.


There is a difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’.  For example, wanting something is when one person wants a huge house with two floors and a garden. All of that JUST for one person is very unfair because there are a lot of desperate people out there with more than four children and they are living in  two bedroom houses.

Furthermore, needing something is when you’re living in a two bedroom house with four children. Also, in a house you would need to feel safe and comfortable. I am sure everyone would like to live in a house that feels like home and I believe everyone is entitled to this.

In addition, I feel like there is a BIG difference between needing something and wanting something. Personally, I feel like it’s wrong for just one person to live in a house that is much larger than they actually need.

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  1. Hornsey School for Girls Hornsey School for Girls

    The government should give an appropriate Social House because imagine someone has a family of 6 and you give them a 3 bedroom house, they wont be able to feel comfortable as they are squashed inside the house and you know that they will find it difficult to live.

  2. Thomas Hinderwell Primary Thomas Hinderwell Primary

    Well the difference between need and want are that want is something that you don’ need.but need that some thing really do need or you will have a hard life.

    by clear unicorn

  3. Thomas Hinderwell Primary Thomas Hinderwell Primary

    the difference between want and need is that when you say you say you need something you rally dont you just think you do but when you need it sometimes you actually do need it but not all the time

  4. Hi @pinkBandana123! I found this post very convincing because you have given such clearly-explained reasons for your opinion. Great use of reasoning and storytelling! Emily

  5. Arnhem Wharf Primary School Arnhem Wharf Primary School

    I think that the difference between WANT and NEED is if you want a house with 8 rooms and a pool and a garden just for one person. But a need is if you have 4 children living in a 2 bedroom house then it will be a very big need situation.


  6. Arnhem Wharf Primary School Arnhem Wharf Primary School

    I think that a big need situation would be when a family has grown bigger, leaving less room for each other to feel comfortable. A want situation would be one person or a small family (one kid, two adults) that want something that will have more room than they actually need. Another need situation would be if someone has a disability and can’t do certain things (e.g. climb stairs) to get to their home if it is in a flat and has no lift.

  7. Barnhill Community High School Barnhill Community High School

    I really enjoyed reading your piece and found it very interesting! However, in my opinion, i feel that if you have worked hard and are receiving a large income, then you should be able to buy whatever house you would like. Also, if the government have already built the house there is no problem in a more wealthier person purchasing the property as it is already on the market. I disagree with your point that it is unfair for a large family to live in a small house because if two parents decide to have more than four children, they should make sure they can support their household before having them. The family can also notify the government that they are struggling and can receive benefits or social housing. There is currently a crisis with the amount of social housing. However, there are currently many social houses free throughout Ealing and other places in the UK. Some may disagree that they are being moved from their social lives near their houses, but if they are really in need of a new house going away shouldn’t be a problem. Recently, Sadiq Khan has announced that he will build many more social houses, so those who are in need should be okay. Overall, your piece was amazing to read and i hope to read more in the future.
    Just another opinion by,
    An Inspired Vision.

    • Hi An Inspired Vision!
      I enjoyed reading your comment. It was very straightforward and written clearly, showing your reasoning. I am wondering whether some of your points were too simplistic. Can you go back to anything you have written and challenge your own thinking? For example ‘going away shouldn’t be a problem’. What difficulties might arise from this? I’m interested to hear more! Olivia

  8. Kings Heath Primary Academy Kings Heath Primary Academy

    There is a difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’ you need a home what ever age you are.


  9. Arbours Primary Academy Arbours Primary Academy

    What I think about needing a social house is like if you dont have a job,your new to the country,you lost your job etc and what I think about wanting a social house is very different to needing one because needing a social house you actually need it but wanting ,your stopping people from getting a house they can afford and if you stop them
    they wont be able to pay for there house and they will have to just stick with the house they have and try and find a job quick so i think people who want a social house should wait for the queue to clear up

    Thank you for reading my comment !

  10. St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

    The different between want and need.
    Want is like you want something but you don’t need it, like for example,”I want a house with a swimming pool and a cinema in it”, but really you don’t need it. You just want it. Need is different from want because you don’t want or want it but you need it for example, “I need a house”, that is you need it. Why do people need a house? Well imagine your self with no home and it’s freezing and it’s starting to rain you tried to find shelter but every store were closed and your on the street freezing feeling uncomfortable . That is why you need a house or shelter.
    by cookiecat

  11. St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

    The difference is that (want) say you wanted a toy and you couldn’t get it it’s not a need because he doesn’t really actually need it; Now (need) it means that you need to have it if a homeless person needed a shelter that what you need you could die.
    This is serious!!
    rainbow shoot

  12. Streatham Wells Primary School Streatham Wells Primary School

    I agree. There is a huge difference between what someone wants and what someone needs. “I want a 2 story house with a big garden” is someone wanting someone however “I need food, water and heat in my house” is someone needing stuff because it is what they need to survive and live safely.

    -By TheTeleportationKing

  13. St Gregory's Catholic Primary School St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

    WANT is when you don’t NEED it, for example a chocolate, you don’t NEED that chocolate, but you WANT that chocolate.

    NEED is when you have to, for example you NEED to go to the doctor but you don’t WANT to go to the doctor.
    By Greencat