Does it matter if we’re different?

It has been shown that men are treated better than women. This shouldn’t matter because we are all human and we all should have rights. However this isn’t the case. Some people say that only men should play football, but women can be equally as better at football then the men! Some women could also be a different color to men or other women, but that shouldn’t matter because we should be treated the same. To some people, we are treated equally but we think otherwise. We want to hear your ideas! Should there be womens football and mens football? Should there be womens boxing and mens boxing? Or should they be combined and treated equally? What do you think?

by unicornburger

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  1. St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

    We may be different on the outside, but we’re definitely not different on the inside. If some of us really want to judge someone on their appearance, check their lifestyle and insides.