What is the most efficient way to deal with social housing? MY OPINIONS!!! – Final piece

Should we: Move people out of densely populated areas to less crowded environments? Build more houses? Or Convert old and unused places into apartments?

What I think that we should do is Convert old and unused places into new apartments. If we do this, then many buildings can be reused – like recycling! People might say that some buildings are either too old to be reused or costs far too much! But, if these places were torn down, then new houses and / or apartments can be built on the now empty landscape that’s ready to be reused!

But some people might argue that some houses might be attached to the building / buildings that could be demolished and have some people living in them. And that if the building / buildings are demolished, then those houses will also crumbled to the ground. This has already been an issue, actually for the former GT Hawking’s shoe factory in Northampton. There were plans to turn it into a set of brand new apartments but after they knocked down a couple of walls, they discovered that there were two problems.

  1. The building was just far too old and, if they had continued to knock down some walls, then the entire building would have caved in on itself. So the only option was to just demolish it and build some apartments. They aren’t allowed to do this though, because there is a law protecting the building because it is old and important to Northampton’s heritage.
  2. The only option, of which would have been to demolish it, would have led to the destruction of the houses which are attached to it would also have to come down. As without the factory they would quickly collapse as well. But these particular houses still had people living in them, and as it cost too much to rehome them and they didn’t want to leave, all current plans on what to do with the abandoned factory all turned to what they were originally: Leaving the factory alone and abandoned.

What I think could be done to help sort out the social housing here in Northampton. I think that the most viable option for Northampton is the Convert one!

Well, what do you believe that we should do about social housing? And do you agree with me or not? Remember to be Sceptical!

Oh, and I hope that you enjoyed this really, really long post by me!



  1. Hi RavenTheRauthor! This is a great Final Piece, as you have shown open-mindedness by explaining the opinions that are different to yours. You have also shown good reasoning and storytelling, as your reasons are very clearly explained. I was very interested to learn about the factory! Emily

  2. Arbours Primary Academy Arbours Primary Academy

    What we think about this is that moving people to a less crowded area is a bad idea because if people have jobs in the place they currently live in then if they move away from their jobs they might not be as punctual as they were before and they could get kicked out of their jobs which is very bad so they cant get enough money to pay for their house bills.Secondly, moving people to old used houses is a good idea because people who WANT a social house could get some unused houses people who NEED a social house could get a social house because there could be more people actually wanting a unused house which could be a great idea but that also means that the people could loose jobs but if they move to a unused house which is in the community they work in could be good the issue is mostly about the money and the space we have in the UK if we had less people we would have more space for other stuff like : doctor services,better shops,more crops,some exciting tourist attractions etc but there a loads of people in the UK when this country is tiny

    thank you for reading my opinion

    • Thank you, Arbours Primary School. This is a really impressive evaluation of the three options we have given for sorting out the social housing shortage. You’ve shown great reasoning by backing up your opinions with lots of strong reasoning. Well done!

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      2) What downsides can you see to option of reclaiming empty houses? Who would lose out if we did that?