Fake news and democracy | Issue Highlights & Thought Leader

The Thought Leaders of this issue were Crampton Primary School.

Congratulations Crampton. You’ve been picked because you used a range of ways of communicating on the Hub to take part in discussions. Crampton have used a range of drawing, video and writing to communicate their opinions and ideas this half term. Violinartist9 responded to our question about their drawing fantastically and showed that pictures can be used to explore the meanings of important words. Crampton are great at looking out for comments on their opinions and making sure they respond to others.


"To other people, [democracy] can mean lots of different things depending on the way they’ve been taught about it."

Violinartist9, Crampton Primary School

Creative ways to share your opinions...

Elaine Primary School and Michael Faraday created raps to explain the impact of fake news. Rap is often used to express opinions about what is going on in the world. It was great to see BNC students using different ways to share their opinions.

Fake News Rap - Flowery Angel and co - The Burnet News Club

Now this is a story all about how, Fake news is trying to take over the town, Burnet News would like you to sit right back, We'll tell you how fake news needs to go back in its cap. In western media, every day, Social media is ...

True News Guide Faraday Rap - The Burnet News Club

GoldRhino and other students from Faringdon Community College created their own versions of fake news stories to spark discussion. We thought it was particularly clever that they used real news stories. 

Theresa May's DARK secret! - The Burnet News Club

Theresa May has a dark secret that she hides from all.When elected the first female chair for the conservatives she says that her own party is the "nasty party." This fact had haunted her for the time David Cameron stood down and she took up this unstable position, however this ...


Offering solutions to fake news...

Blank_Username from William Patten Primary School started to think through solutions to fake news. They negotiated both sides of the argument for moderating all online news (with a clever reference to the Snooper’s Charter) and made us aware of a fantastic news checking website: www.snopes.com

Arnhem Wharf also published a mega post which broke down how fake news has become an issue and offered some suggestions for how to tackle it.

How will fake news effect democracy, and more importantly, our country? - The Burnet News Club

We all know it: Fake news is bad. But just saying that isn't going to help, we need to do something about it - but what? Fake news is made by news companies to make money. We could stop it by reviewing all the posts and articles before putting it ...

AW Asks, 'Who Edits the News Today?' - The Burnet News Club

Who Edits the News Today? This article will tell you about where fake news comes from, what journalism used to be like, how fake news spreads, why it's made and who edits the news today. You will find out that fake news aren't edited like newspapers. We thought this was ...

Comments that made us think...

Alperton gave a clear and logical reason for why fake news is a growing problem. They gave their opinion for why fake news is a problem now and backed it up with relevant and true examples.

"I feel that fake news is affecting our young generation because now that there are many gadgets, more young people are using the internet. This might lead to them seeing a higher amount of fake news stories on the internet which could affect them as a person as they won’t know what is true or what is false any more. For example, on YouTube there have been a rise in videos that have fake facts and half-truths so that they can gain popularity. Another problem of fake news is that people see it as a way to gain money through advertising. If they create a catchy headline, people are most likely to click on it than read the actual facts. This generation are hungry for new things and facts because they want to be the first to find out about it and then retell their friends so they can be praised for their findings."

BossJourno, B.CreeperJourno, MessiReporter, PrincessJourno, FamJourno, SportyReporter

Colegrave showed us why scepticism is an essential skill to have. mul1_da_gr8t explained:

"In my opinion, I personally think that fake news is either people trying to feed false information into people’s heads or trying to persuade people to do something by telling them something that is not true. It can come in many shapes and sizes whether it's in the media or in the newspaper at your doorstep, it is not true and we need to be sceptical and think: Is this true? Where is this coming from? Scepticism is a good skill to have as we can’t believe everything we see. For example, if we see something on the internet we should see where it has come from and what it says. Sometimes you need to look at it and be realistic like if it doesn’t make sense. To summarise, we need to think about what we’re looking at and that we need to be sceptical."



Did you know there’s an election going on...

Of course you did! We created some special elections sessions this half term which some BNC clubs ran in their schools. Experienced BNC members Delta and ToBeFrank had an excellent debate using scepticism to challenge each other on what makes a strong Prime Minister.

Don’t forget to take our online poll to tell us who you think should win!

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