Channel 4 Journalist answers your questions | 2018: Year of the Woman.

Hello my name is Fatima Manji, I am a journalist and broadcaster on Channel 4 News. Our programme goes out at 7pm UK time everyday. My job involves being out on the road reporting on a range of national and international stories or sometimes presenting from the studio where I carry out interviews and moderate debates of the day. It requires a range of skills - curiosity about people, an open mindedness about ideas, storytelling, the ability to think quickly and work under pressure, and a healthy dose of scepticism. My journalism has included telling the story of the migration crisis from the borders of Europe, interviewing victims of ISIS atrocities in Iraq and challenging politicians here in the UK during elections and the EU referendum campaign. 

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Do you think that one day we will actually achieve full equality to the highest standard in which everybody gets paid the same, has the same opportunities and the same education? 

From: Sceptic Cookie | Michael Faraday School

Would we want everyone to be paid the same? I'm not sure this would be a good idea but if you mean paid the same for doing the same work regardless of who they are, yes I think that is something we have to try and achieve. I would like to imagine a society where people are able to access opportunities regardless of their sex, race, religion, background etc, but I think we are a long way away from that. In too many societies, there are still huge divisions and where someone went to school can still affect their future opportunities in a massive way. We need governments, companies and others to work harder to promote those who are disadvantaged early in life to ensure they are able to access the same opportunities as those who might have been born in more fortunate circumstances. 

Can having more woman positions of leadership help to stop sexual harassment? 

From: Patheticblabby218910 | Allhallows Primary Academy

Firstly I think it's important to have women and people from a wide range of backgrounds in positions of leadership because it allows you to think in different ways and represent society at large better, so this is not just an issue to do with sexual harassment. I think having more women in leadership positions could work towards creating cultural change, but I don't think it's the only answer and it's also not a given that every woman would work towards combating sexual harassment of those at lower levels in an organisation. 

"I think it's important to have women and people from a wide range of backgrounds in positions of leadership because it allows you to think in different ways and represent society at large better"

Fatima Maji, Journalist and Broadcaster

Time’s up is the name of the campaign started in January for Women Rights. When all the actresses stood together and wore black to the awards ceremony. This is exactly the kind of stand that needs to be made for women. What do you think? Should more campaigns and protests be started or is there another way to solve this? 

From: Catmad | Allhallows Primary Academy

We definitely need visible campaigning and protests, they are an important way of highlighting any injustice or inequality, but we have to make sure that these campaigns do not end up just becoming stunts and that we broaden out the conversation about sexual harassment so it is not just about celebrities. The most important thing is changing a culture;  for too long in many places and industries - sexual harassment was seen as something which was expected, tolerated and could only be ignored. We are now witnessing a moment where cultural change is possible. 

At school were you ever judged by your friends/boys/anyone just because of what you wanted to be when you were older? 

From: Journalist101 | Arnhem Wharf Primary School

Yes! Some people told me "a journalist was not a nice thing to be for a woman", while others thought I talked too much! My advice if you feel judged by people because of your ambitions? Ignore them! 

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