FIFA is illegal!

Hi, Catmad here! You may be questioning the title? Well, that is because it is! Does every human deserve Human Rights? Yes! Last time I checked, being able to have your own opinion was a Human Right. So why did FIFA claim that it was prohibited for a player to display any personal belief, opinion, religion etc. It’s an outrage! Vladimir Putin denies his citizens their Human Rights, but can we criticize him when FIFA (something England participates in) denies it’s players one too? Politics and Football should only mix where appropriate. In the case of a player/team manager expressing their beliefs, why can they not do this? Is it so bad? Is it because they are in the public eye? Well, if it is because they are in the public eye, then why can’t they express their opinions and beliefs? People go on the news, make quotes in the paper! That’s opinions and beliefs making their way into the public eye! So what is so wrong about football players expressing theirs in the same way? Can anyone reason in the comments why it’s acceptable to deny someone a Human Right, considering all the points in this post? Personally, I think it is unacceptable and I don’t think anything is going to change my mind. But I’ll be open-minded, see if you can. But right now, I still think fining someone £20,000 for supporting their country is ridiculous. I still think firing people who are trying to stop racism just proves it’s a racist country. I still think having a go at someone trying to remember their murdered father is unacceptable. What do you think? Make sure to consider every point when reasoning, because my mind isn’t going to change easily. If you agree with me, say why.



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    Hello Catmad !

    In response to what you have said I believe I have an answer.
    In my opinion, politics should not mix with football . I say this because (In England) we are dealing with brexit and if brexit mixed with sport I believe the population of football fans would decrease. I think this because most of the time politics is something negative. And who hates football?

    I think FIFA fined Pep Guardiola because it was another way of saying:
    That after what had happened in america, (football players did not want to sing national anthom because of fearing that country is unfair or racist) we dont want the same to happen to us, because our viewers might start riots or favourite players would want to quit,and we’d loose all our money only for one ribbon in one innocent man’s shirt.

    A Rowan platinum phoenix

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    I agree with most of your post catmad. When I heard that Pep Guardiola was fined £20,000 for wearing a yellow ribbon for supporting catalonian independence, it was quite confusing and a bit over the top. However, it is in FIFA’s rules and even if they are not the best they need to be respected. I think if politicians mixed with sports, the whole meaning of sport would change. Also, I think that sometimes the charged cost would be to do with how much money the person they are charging has. Does anyone agree? Blueunicorn

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    Catmad I agree with you people should be able to express their religion or beliefs I don’t know why they don’t allow it but I don’t agree with it.


  4. Fifa is not illegal because it is a sport and evry one should take part in a sport

  5. Fifa is not illegal because it is a type of sport that people love and alot of people play so dont band FIFA

    • Don’t forget, BNC that FIIF and football are two different things! FIFA stands for ‘Fédération Internationale de Football Association’.Olivia

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