Should we fight Climate Change? (BxChrono)

Should we fight climate change?

A study from 2015 show that Co2 emissions have increased by 75.5% from 1981! In 1959 14gt (14,000,000,000 tonnes) of Co2 were released into the atmosphere and in 2016 40gt (40,000,000,000 tonnes) of Co2 was released, that’s a 185.71% increase!  (source :

What you have just read might make you think that there is no way to get rid of Co2 but there is a way. A Swiss company is trying to store Co2 in several plants across America and surrounding countries! They expect 1% of the Co2 in our atmosphere by 2025 (around 150gt (150,000,000,000 tonnes)) to be captured in the plants!

with the amount of Co2 being produced increasing every year it will take longer to clean the atmosphere from Co2 and as there is around 24,126.1 million tonnes (2412gt) of Co2 in the atmosphere and 150gt is going to be captured in 8 years (18.75gt a year) it will take around 128.5 years to capture all of the Co2 in the earth’s atmosphere.

I think we should still try to get rid of as much Co2 as possible because even if we did stop producing all Co2 in the atmosphere we would still melt the polar caps but if we start now we could still delay the polar caps melting.

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